SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet watched this episode of Mr. House Husband, please watch it here.

Episode 14 marks the end of the first season of Mr. House Husband. The second season of Mr. House Husband will start at different day and time than season one.

The first video of this week’s episode is of Kim Seung-Woo and Bong Tae-Gyu learning how to make Japanese home cooking. They meet at the bakery with Chef Susumo, who taught Tae-Gyu how to make bread. This episode the two housekeeping men will be learning how to make Karaage, Nori Tsukudani, and Ohitashi. They also learn how to prepare Dashi, a natural seasoning.  Both Seung-Woo and Tae-Gyu follow all the instructions and each prepares their own dishes. They compete by making Japanese style omelets. Even though he had a rough start, Tae-Gyu manages to prepare a fluffy and firm omelet.

Eli has his first test as a father when his wife must leave the house to go to the hospital. Eli must do Minsu’s laundry, feed him, and clean the mat in the living room. Before leaving to see the doctor, his wife leaves a set of instructions for Eli to follow. Eli manages to do all the laundry and clean, but after what seems like minutes, the living room is once again messy. Eli could better understand the challenges his wife goes through by taking care of their son.

Next, we have a video of Kim Il-Joong cooking for his children. He starts out by visiting a friend’s restaurant. He asked his friend for his chicken recipe so he could make it at home for his children. Although too spicy for his children to eat, Il-Joong used all the knowledge he learned from being on the show for a couple of weeks to make his children a delicious meal.

Finally, is Moon Se-Yoon. After the mishap with the noodles at the children’s birthday party, his friend Je-Seong decided to get revenge on Se-Yoon, by taking him to make leather goods. The two friends make name tags for Se-Yoon’s children. Despite messing up the names on the leather, they could come up with a solution thanks to the masters. The plan to get revenge on Se-Yoon turned to be successful day making leather. with this, the first season of Mr. House Husband finishes.

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