SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet watched the fourth episode of Mr. House Husband, please watch it here. This episode will make you hungry, watch with snacks!

We start off this episode with a short video of Kim Il-Joong taking his son Hyeon-Joong to get his flu shot, please watch as a father is punched in the face. The tip of the day, how to peel dried red peppers, was not mentioned on the show.

The highlight of this week’s episode is Moon Se-Yoon putting on gloves and making kimchi for the winter. With 20 heads of lettuce and over 10 hours of work, this video will leave you drooling for a taste. Se-Yoon makes 4 different types of kimchi for his family. Regular kimchi for everyday needs, kimchi with octopus for his wife, white kimchi for their kids, and kimchi with matured pork for soups. Moon Se-Yoon won best House Husband of the week, maybe even of the month!

Unable to top Moon Se-Yoon, Kim Il-Joong settles for cleaning and reorganizing the kitchen for his wife. For the first time, the viewers get to see Mr. 97-point-husband in action! As expected, this House Husband did not do a great job cleaning and organizing the kitchen. However, he did clean the stove well, we must give credit where it is due. I hope all viewers are looking forward for this transformation!

Last up is the House Husband veteran, Kim Jung-Tae. In this episode, Jung-Tae shows how he does laundry and irons. No one in my household ever irons, unless you count hair, I am impressed at his skill. If you want to save money on dry cleaning, learn from the pro and watch this week’s episode.

As mentioned above, there was no special tip for cleaning or peeling red peppers. Unfortunately, I don’t have any tips on that. However, I do have a tip on cleaning and disinfecting your kitchen bleach free. although there will be a somewhat strong smell, use vinegar as a cleaning product, especially when meats touch kitchen surfaces. This will leave all surfaces clean without harmful chemicals.

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