SPOILER ALERT: the following may contain spoilers for the fifth episode of Mr. House husband, watch the episode here.

Episode 5 of Mr. House Husband brings many changes. Son Tae-Young replaces actress Youn Sonha on the female perspective of the show. Actor Lee Chul-Min is replaced by musical actor Kim Pub-Lae. Instead of giving an isolated tip of the day, this episode is housekeeping battle between the male hosts. The winner of this battle will take home a handy grill!

Making his first appearance on the show, Kim Pub-Lae prepares 10 delicious side dishes in exactly one and a half hours. Pub-Lae has a system of preparing each side dish, it is almost like a factory. This was not his first time in a kitchen. Without tasting most of the dishes, he managed to capture the perfect taste in everyone, per the other hosts. None of the hosts could find any fault in his video. Kim Pub-Lae’s take on housekeeping is that it should be about fun.

Our main host Kim Seung-Woo tried to redeem his honor this week by making rice rolls, also known as kimbap. After the fiasco of the last episode, Seung-Woo manages to gain some extra points this week. Although it wasn’t the best-looking kimbap, and he made a lot of errors, the actor is indeed great at doing the dishes!

Having confessed in a previous episode that he had never cooked for his mother, Bong Tae-Gyu decided to make fermented bean paste from scratch. He remembered his mother would make this herself and decided he should do something in return. The actor realized that “housekeeping is not for free.”

Continuing his climb up the Housekeeping Husband ladder, Kim Il-Joong decided to cook his wife a meal. Attempting to one-up Bong Tae-Gyu, Il-Joong will make a 5-color soboro rice bowl with fermented bean paste soup and a salad. The hosts were not very enthusiastic about trying the commentator’s rice bowl, it was not very appetizing. However, Kim Il-Joong is taking steps forward and will eventually become a great housekeeping husband.

Winding down from making extensive amounts of kimchi, this week Moon Se-Yoon is washing the family van. The comedian decided after a family trip that their car needed cleaning. Thinking of his children, Se-Yoon used conventional products that don’t contain chemicals.

At the end of the episode, the first Housekeeping King was named. Surprisingly, Kim Il-Joong got one point from Son Tae-Young because of his change from the first episode. Watch who wins the battle here.

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