SPOILER ALERT: the following may contain spoilers for the sixth episode of Mr. House Husband. If you have not yet seen the episode, please watch here.

The sixth episode of Mr. House Husband continues with a second part battle for the title of Housekeeping King. This week’s prize is a scissor pizza cutter. Every week the hosts show their skills and learn new things, especially the beginner housekeepers.

Actor Bong Tae-Gyu is the first to show what he did this week to win over points. Tae-Gyu decided to pickle green peppers, permission, and potatoes. Unfortunately for the other hosts, they will not be able to taste them until they are done. The process of pickling foods takes a couple of weeks, can even be months before they are ready to eat.

Comedian Moon Se-Yoon prepares a sweet and aromatic surprise for his wife. For the first time in his life, Se-Yoon will be making a flower arrangement all on his own. Despite the rough start, Se-Yoon manages to make a beautiful arrangement. To complete the gesture, he leaves a card with a recorded message thanking his wife for all her hard work and dedication to their family. In Moon Se-Yoon’s words, “housekeeping is about ‘love.’”

Actor and veteran housekeeping man Kim Jung-Tae will prepare dumplings this episode. Jung-Tae decided to make his own dough for the skin of the dumplings, sadly his knife-wielding skills were no help with this task. Despite this set back, the actor managed to make 3 types of dumplings with store-bought dumpling skin.

Musical actor Kim Pub-Lae assembled a cabinet to organize some of the family’s belongings. There was a noticeable difference with the cabinet in place. Pub-Lae was exhausted after the demanding task, but it was a worthwhile mission!

Taking bigger steps, Kim Il-Joong attempted to do laundry. The actor managed to successfully clean his dirty dress shirt, as well as his children’s dirty sneakers. However, the rookie housekeeper accidentally shrank his wife’s sweaters in the washing machine. It seems like his wife will be shopping very soon for new winter sweaters.

Our main host Kim Seung-Woo found his new favorite place walking through a market. This week Seung-Woo learned how to knit sponges. It is refreshing to see Seung-Woo sitting at a table with women as they all knit. The actor attempted to teach the other hosts how to knit sponges. Only one was not able to successfully get the technique, actress Son Tae-young.

To find out who is the second Housekeeping King, the message Moon Se-Yoon left his wife, and a lovely phone call between Kim Il-Joong and his mom, please watch Mr. House Husband here.

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