SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet watched the 7th episode of Mr. House Husband, please watch it here.

On this week’s episode of “Mr. House Husband,” Kim Pub-lae was replaced by musician and producer Muzie. The prize for this week’s Housekeeping King was a massage chair. In this week’s episode, friendships were born.

First up this episode were Bong Tae-gyu and Kim Seung-woo. This dynamic duo had a very rough start to their first video together, but they made it work. Bong Tae-gyu preserved ginseng in honey for the seasoned actor and brought special ingredients as gifts. The pair prepared steaks, pasta with a pesto sauce and a salad. Tae-gyu wanted to help Seung-woo prepare a meal his family could enjoy. Despite learning new tricks, he did not give up his old ways easily.

Next, we had an unlikely pair: Kim Il-joong and Kim Jung-tae. Making his way from Busan, Kim Jung-tae brought crabs to prepare with Il-joong for him and his family to enjoy. As expected, the veteran homemaker did most of the work; Il-joong still has a lot to learn. Kim Jung-tae prepared marinated crabs, which the rest of the cast enjoyed as well: Moon Se-yoon was so excited that he broke his spoon in his haste to eat.

Making his debut on the show, Muzie tried to display his children’s art in his home. With very little wall room left, Muzie sought out a way to hang his children’s drawings in the living room. Using branches and flowers, the musician ended up making a frame for them. Muzie showed his creative side on the show.

Moon Se-yoon set out to put bubble wrap on the windows to keep his home cozy for his children. After an unexpected visit from his friend Choe Seong-min, he decided he had more energy left for the day, and the two friends set up a pink tent for Se-yoon’s daughter to play in.

Find out who was crowned the third Housekeeping King here.

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