SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet watched the 9th episode of Mr. House Husband, please watch it here. 

This week musician and producer Muzie has been replaced by U-KISS Eli, for the very first time on the show, an Idol will be joining the program.

The first video of this week is the unlikely pair, Kim Il-Joong, and Kim Jung-Tae. The commentator has traveled from Seoul to Busan to visit his new best friend Kim Jung-Tae. The pair had set out to fish in the ocean, but due to bad weather and Jung-Tae’s weak stomach, they settled with buying fish at the local market. Unlike the previous week, Il-Joong has been helping Jung-Tae. The young and inexperienced housekeeper seems eager and willing to learn from the knife master. The pair make sashimi and sushi together, and they seem to have found a balance in their friendship.

One of the most awaited videos by many fans, Eli from U-KISS goes shopping with his wife and makes his son’s first solid meal. The singer is eager to help his wife in anything he can. Due to his work schedule, the couple must live apart for weeks, and sometimes months at a time. As a new father, Eli is always unsure of if he makes things right., but with encouragement from his wife and great tips from blogs, the singer manages to make his son a great first solid meal.

Next, we have the dynamic duo, Kim Seung-Woo, and Bong Tae-Gyu. Concerned about his friend’s health and eating habits, the young actor decides to make a meal that is both healthy and delicious. Bean patties, tomato juice, and homemade soy milk. With all the ingredients, the veteran actor does not like, Bong Tae-Gyu may have managed to change his mind!

Moon Se-Yoon sets out on one of the most tedious tasks this week, cleaning out the fridge and freezer. With help from a friend, the comedian managed to clean and reorganized the fridge. As repayment, he makes his dear friend a great meal with leftovers.

Watch who wins this episode Housekeeping King here. 


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