Ep. 3&4 Review

EP. 3: We pick back up with the boys of NCT 127 who have worked up a sweat after playing a variety of active games during Yuta and Mark’s sport themed hour. It’s only natural that after using up all their energy they need to be refueled with… SNACKS! Maknae of 127 Haechan, was decided to prepare snacks for his hyungs. “Snack & Relax” time kicks off with snacks made personally by the maknae. Knowing full well of Haechan’s mischievous personality, leader Taeyoung catches on quick to the so-called ‘Coke’ and ‘Sprite’ that was delivered to them. Quickly the other members also question the authenticity of Haechan’s so called ‘snacks’ claiming that “somethings off”. Younger members WinWin and Mark listen to their stomachs instead of their hyungs and take a sip of their drinks which seconds later turn their faces sour as they have been fooled by soy sauce Coke and salted Sprite! The rest of the members seemed unfazed by the prank letting viewers know this is expected of the trouble-maker maknae. At least the watermelon was left untainted and so the boys decide to play a seed spitting game but instead of spitting distance they decide to catch the seeds with their faces, making a comedic look depending on where the seeds land. This was the funniest part of the episode to me because it shows the comical side of the members who make the rest of their team laugh. Look at these faces!:

Some succeeded…


While others just…


Pranks and a fun snack game wrapped up Haechan’s ‘Snack & Relax’ time.

From 4:30 to:00 7 the ‘Weird & Funny’ corner has begun, hosted by the ’97 line of NCT 127 Jaehyun and WinWin. WinWin starts off with schooling the rest of his members in some Chinese by playing a speed quiz only speaking his first language. However the loser with the less answers gets the ice bucket challenge… dun dun DUUUUN! This keeps the boys on their toes as they pay close attention to WinWin’s gestures more than his Chinese. After guessing answers like kimchi, iron man, lemon and microwave the lucky member to receive the ice bucket challenge penalty is none other than mat-hyung Taeil. His Dongsaengs show his no mercy as they chill him out..


NCT 127 continues to show their playful side as they wrap up episode three with another game, the zombie game. Biting, accidental kicking and even a little bit of Japanese speaking happens during this game but what else would you expect from this rowdy random group.

EP. 4: Barbecue Time! This time NCT 127 leader, Taeyoung and mat-hyung Taeil take care of all BBQ needs as they grill meat and the other members cook side dishes. On a side note: throughout this whole show so far, Taeil who is known for his quiet manner has been the most comical by making his members laugh due to his awkwardness and sense to me I think Taeil has a lot of reverse charms which are highlighted in this episode with his own mini series ‘Yuta Screening Humanity’. With a helping hand from all members the BBQ table is set with delicious food and barely any talking due to full mouths. Up next Taeyoung’s campfi- wait…

What kind of campfire is this?

Despite the lack of fire during this campfire, Taeyoung shared that he wanted to create this time for his members share their personal thoughts with each other and let out anything they’ve kept inside. Each member expressed their appreciation for one another and how they plan to further themselves as a productive part of NCT. All in all, this was the pluck on your heart-strings part of the show that ended sweetly but was followed by every maknaes favorite… Yaja Time! This game is always too good to describe you’d have to watch it for yourself to see the look to all the Hyung’s faces as Haechan shows absolutely no mercy on anyone for his 5 minutes of freedom.


But as we all know when the clock strikes twelve…



This episode in my opinion is the best one because it really highlighted each member and their charms and connection with each other. Make sure to watch Ep. 3&4 below:

And comeback next week for the FINAL episode review of NCT Life in Paju!


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