Widely known and having millions of viewers worldwide, SBS Running Man has been one of the top South Korean Variety shows that is still ongoing after over 6 years. With over 300 episodes, many tune in to watch their favorite 7 Running Man members compete with one another. The Running Man cast includes, “Nation’s MC” Yoo Jae Suk, Actress Song Ji Hyo, Actor Lee Kwang Soo, Leesang’s Gary, MC Ji Suk Jin, Turbo’s Kim Jong Kook and artist Ha Ha.

This is a recap of the latest episode aired for Running Man, “Rewrite the Song Race”

As the summer season is in full swing, there are many ways to enjoy the hot season. One of the ways to enjoy summer is having the right music to set the mood. Music and songs about summer are the theme of this week’s episode.

However, before the real games begin the Running Man cast is gathered into a room to review their performance on the show over the month of July. Announcer Kim Min Ah was the one to go over their evaluation and give the members a report card. Song Ji Hyo proved to be the Ace of the month as she gains the most wins in the month while Lee Kwang Soo received the short end of the stick with no wins of the month.

Though Lee Kwang Soo had no wins, he and Ha Ha proved themselves by having the eliminating the most name tags. As the evaluation continues, it is revealed that Ji Suk Jin, Lee Kwang Soo and Ha Ha were the members who were eliminated the most. This came as no surprise to the rest of the Running Man cast and staff, causing a burst of laughter throughout the set.

After the evaluation ends, in celebration of the Rio Olympics the production team decided to implement a new twist into how the members are going to play the missions and that will affect them for the month. Known for their numerous times of betraying and cheating, the production team set up two staff members to watch if members are either cheating or betraying other members. Should the members get three warnings about cheating/betraying, the member will not be allowed to participate in one show.

Now the main mission is given to the cast members, the mission revealed to be a team race with special guests. The Running Man cast and special guests will hold a concert, singing a song where they have to re-write the lyrics. They will all compete in games to receive the words that will be used in the rewritten lyrics of the song. The song and performance will be judged by special judges.

Breakdown of judging score:

  • Rewritten lyrics – 15 points
  • Performance – 5 points

Prize: Golden musical note badges + plus additional unclaimed prizes

The first special guest is revealed to be singer, Yoon Jong Shin and it will be his songs (“Highway Romance”) that will be used to rewrite the lyrics for.

The teams are split up into two, Team Singer and Team Non-Singer.

Team Singer:

  • Kim Jong Kook
  • Gary
  • Ha Ha
  • Ji Suk Jin
  • Yoo Byung Jae
  • Bada

Team Non-Singer:

  • Jihyo
  • Yoo Jae Suk
  • Lee Kwang Soo
  • Kim Kyung Ho
  • Yoon Jong Shin
  • Jo Jung Chi

The first game is played pool-side named, “Love Comes With Music Notes”, where a member of the team has to jump through hoops across the pool and cross the finish line. First team to cross the finish line are able to add another another member to their team, which was revealed to comedian Yoo Byung Jae and singer Jo Jung Chi (Singers Bada and Kim Kyung Ho were added before the game).

Watch the “Love Comes With Music Notes” game here.

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Source: Dramafever, Dramafever YouTube, Running Man Official Website

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