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Continuing from Part 1 of Episode 312 recap, the second game, “Flamingo War”, was also poolside but this time the teams were competing to determine the order of who was to perform for the concert. The loser of the game must also add the phrase, “flamingo war” into the lyrics of their rewritten songs.

Watch the “Flamingo War” game here.

The games continue on as they move to another location. The games this time are competing for additional words to incorporate to their song. The third game is named the “Ten Song Challenge” where a member picks a random number to hit summer songs and must correctly the lyrics  all while standing on a large block of ice. Should the member standing on the ice either fall off or stop singing, they will be given two warnings until they lose a chance and give the opposing team a chance.

Watch their “Ten Song Challenge” here.

The last game that the cast and special guests get to play for is a roulette (or Hot Potato) where, they must sing a song that is related to a specific topic. The members must sing four bars of the song before passing the “bomb” onto the next person. Should the member be the unfortunate one to have the “bomb” in his/her hands, it would explode with confetti, resulting in the loss of the team. The losing team must also incorporate a Korean proverb into their lyrics.

After completing the games, the teams break off into their own rooms with their chosen words and start rewriting the lyrics of the words. Preparations for the concert begin and the members could not help but express how difficult this final mission was.

The concert was revealed to be a small audience who are also the judges of their song and performance. The audience was a select group of students who happen to be studying creative writing and practical music, further adding nervousness to the cast members.

Celebrity judges will also be the other half judging the performances and songs. the celebrity panel of judges included: Actress Han Hye Jin, Actress Park Bo Young, DJ Song Eun Yi, music critic Im Jin Oh, Announcer Bae Sung Jae, Lyricist Kim In Ha and webtoon artist Jo Seok.

Watch Team Non-Singer’s performance here.
Watch Team Singer’s performance here.

Both teams took to the stage and managed to bring joy to the audience and the despite the change of lyrics. The audience score was tallied to 100 and celebrity total score was also out of 100, leading to a final total of 200 points that the teams could score. Scores were revealed to be 140.1 VS. 142.7, a 2.6 point different. All the judges gave mixed reviews for both teams but in the end Team Singers had won the final mission, sweeping Team Non-Singers of no wins throughout the day.

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