Widely known and having millions of viewers worldwide, SBS Running Man has been one of the top South Korean Variety shows that is still ongoing after over 6 years. With over 300 episodes, many tune in to watch their favorite 7 Running Man members compete with one another. The Running Man cast includes, “Nation’s MC” Yoo Jae Suk, Actress Song Ji Hyo, Actor Lee Kwang Soo, Leesang’s Gary, MC Ji Suk Jin, Turbo’s Kim Jong Kook and artist Ha Ha.

This is a recap of the latest episode aired for Running Man, “The Running Woman Race”

As the main cast of Running Man consists of mainly men, Running Man likes to do a few episodes where the male cast is paired up with female guests  (also one member will be paired with Song Ji Hyo). This week’s episode once again brings back female guests that will be paired up with cast members.

At the beginning of episode the male Running Man members are lined up and are given the choice of picking from a selection of songs, which were the choices of the female guests. After hearing the song, the members tried to guess who the guest was based on the song. One by one, the cast members are paired with the special guests.


  • Yoo Jae Suk – Se Jeong (Gugudan)
  • Ha Ha – Jae Sook (Actress)
  • Ji Suk Jin – Ahn Moon Sook (Actress)
  • Jong Kook – Noh Sa Yeon (Singer)
  • Kwang Soo – Mi Joo (Lovelyz)
  • Gary – Song Ji Hyo

The main mission for the episode, is for each pair to accumulate as many running balls as possible throughout the day, that will be beneficial for the final mission at the end of the day. The final mission will be a name tag elimination, which is an iconic game that Running Man has been played over the years.

Before all the members and special guests were to move on to the next location, the female members were put to a test to determine the order how the next game will be played. The women’s strength were put to the test by playing an arcade punching game. The order was determined from strongest to weakest. The higher the number mean that you were the strongest.

To read more on what happens in the Episode 313 on Running Man, read here for Part 2!

Source: Dramafever, Running Man Official Website


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