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Continuing from Running Man Recap Episode 313 Part 1, after determining the order for the next game, all the staff and cast members move on to the next location.

The first game that all the teams participate in is, “Running Woman Palm Push”. The order of who battled against each other was previously determined in the strength test (mentioned in part 1). How the game is played, is that the women have to stand their ground and push the other using only their hands. Should one lose balance or fall over, that would result in an automatic loss.

The final winner received 4 running balls. Second place received 3 and third place received 2. Those who were unable to place in the game received no ‘running balls’ whatsoever.

Watch Running “Woman Palm Push” game here!

After the end of the game, the staff further explains the next games are able to win more running balls through the smaller missions/games. The more balls that are accumulated, the better the chances at a special item for the final mission. The episode moves on to explain that there are different locations where there are opportunities to earn running balls.

Pool Hall

One of the locations that the teams could go to, to earn running balls where they play the game “Black Bean Noodles Cup, the Mouth Billiard.” The objective of the game is to move the ball across the pool table by only blowing on the ball. The first to score two points are able to earn a running ball and to also eat black bean noodles. The losing team however, does not get the opportunity to eat.

Watch “Black Bean Noodles Cup”, the Mouth Billiard game here!

Snack Bar 

The game that takes place in this location is “Weight Lifting Rice Cake”. Those who participated in this game had to move a piece of rice cake using hand-gripper chopsticks to their partners plate. The partner who is receiving the rice cake, has to eat the rice cake using a fork that is attached to a dumbbell. The team who manages to eat the most in a given time limit, wins. Similar to the pool hall, the winner receives a running ball as well as the opportunity to eat the food at the restaurant.

Watch “Weight Lifting Rice Cake” game here!


At the cafe, special judge and actor Ahn Gil Gang appears and the teams have to act out a given scenario. There are only two given scripts and if they get a PASS, they are able to earn a running ball. The scenes require certain given (and outrageous) actions and if the team are not able to complete the actions, they do not pass.

Watch the “Soap Opera” game here!

Hair Salon

The game at the hair salon, was the most difficult of the games that were available to play. There is a limbo bar that is set up in the middle of the salon. One person must carry their partner as they go under the limbo bar. The winner and team with the highest record are able to earn 3 running balls. Members had difficulties carrying their partner under the bar, some not even attempting the game as some of their partners proved too heavy. With each attempt to go under the bar, the hairdresser will spray hair color on the male partner’s hair. It is a penalty for not being able to complete the task the first time.

Watch “Limbo Is Too Easy For Me” game here!

Photo Zone 

The last of the locations to play to earn running balls where there is a movable frame and teams have to jump into the frame. When the picture is taken, members’ mouth, eyes and nose must be visible.

Watch the “Photo Zone” here!


After accumulating running balls, one ball will be chosen. The chosen color of the ball belonging to the team is able to earn a resurrection ticket. This ticket is able to come into play during the final mission, where if any team is out, they are able to revive themselves and get back into the game. The teams do not know who has the ticket.

The final game is a name tag elimination. The women and men are separated into different buildings and are not able to meet one another. The women will first start the name tag elimination 10 minutes before the men do. However, one of the rules is that if a teammates name tag is ripped off at any point during the game, the other partner is eliminated as well.

In the end Gary and Song Ji Hyo happened to outlast all the other couples. They were also revealed to have won the special resurrection ticket. The prize after all the games are a golden Running Man pin and a tiara with a gold Running Man pin at the center.

Stay tuned for the next Running Man Recap!

Source: Dramafever, Dramafever YouTube, Running Man Official 

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