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Continuing from Running Man Recap Episode 314 Part 1, all the cast members were moved to a different location and begin the real 1st mission/game.

1st Mission: “The Battle of the Toy Mallet”

The first game/mission of “The Game of Thrones” race is that all members have obtained toy mallets which will be used in order to get special markings that are located behind the cast members and special guests’ head. The individual must obtain two markings in order to win. It was designated that there will only be 4 winners and 6 losers. Those who lose will have to battle one another again in a pool filled with mud. To the very last loser amongst the losing group, they will no longer be able to participate in the final mission later that day. Amongst the winning group, there was also a competition in order to see who is the top winner. The top winner of the game will receive a special advantage for the final mission.

Due to Song Ji Hyo & Lee Joon Ki getting last place in the pre-mission, they are the two members who were put at a disadvantage. Unlike all the other members who had passed before them, they did not receive a toy mallet. So besides having to gain two special markings, they must also find toy mallets that are hidden within the area.

Watch “The Battle of the Toy Mallet” game here!

2nd Mission: Winner & Loser group games

Winner Group: “Archery Contest”

The winners from the previous mission, are given another game to compete in where, the winner of the game will receive a special advantage for the final mission. The winners are moved to a pool and have to pick up arrows that are spread throughout the water. The main goal of the game is to knock out the opponents name tag using the toy bow and arrows. If their name tag is the last one standing, they will be named the top winner of the second mission and receive the special advantage. If it so happens that the name is taken out three times, they are automatically out of the running to be the top winner.

Watch the “Archery Contest” here!

Loser Group: “Royal Hot Pot” 

With the remainder of the cast and special guests who were not able to make it into the winning group, it is basically a mud wrestling fight. All the members must fight to stay on a given platform in a given amount of time. If a member is not able to get onto the platform or is pushed off into the mud after the time limit has expired, they will not move on to participating in the final mission.

Watch the “Royal Hot Pot” game here!


After determining the ultimate winner and loser, all the cast members move onto the final location where in order to grab claim to the throne, they must eliminate two name tags. This game is also a name tag race but there is a special twist given to the members. Aside from ripping off name tags, there is a special way of gaining another name tag. If the members were to find a special mat and sit on the mat for 3 minutes and shout out the name of the person’s name tag they want, they will be able to obtain that name tag.

The special mat is placed randomly throughout the final mission location. The staff will announce where in the building the mat is located and all members must hurry and find the mat to use for their advantage. There is another twist involving the mat as well. Once the mat has been used, it cannot be used again. The member who is sitting on the mat as well, must stay in the given area where the mat is situated at. Also, to make the game fair, though there may be a member sitting on the mat, other members may still be able to rip off their name tag.

Hong Jong Hyun was named the ultimate winner from the second mission and received a special benefit that makes all the other members who are still in the game stop what they are doing for a solid 2 minutes.

At the end, Kim Jong Kook was named the final winner and was able to claim the throne for himself.

Watch the final mission here!

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