Widely known and having millions of viewers worldwide, SBS Running Man has been one of the top South Korean Variety shows that is still ongoing after over 6 years. With over 300 episodes, many tune in to watch their favorite 7 Running Man members compete with one another. The Running Man cast includes, “Nation’s MC” Yoo Jae Suk, Actress Song Ji Hyo, Actor Lee Kwang Soo, Leesang’s Gary, MC Ji Suk Jin, Turbo’s Kim Jong Kook and artist Ha Ha.

This is a recap of the latest episode aired for Running Man, “Running Map” 

The episode begins with all the Running Man cast members split up into pairs in different locations. It is revealed to the cast that the special guest that will be joining them for episode, will be choosing one member from the pair to be part of their team. The special guest ultimately has control of how the teams are settled and one by one the special guest, Cha Seung Won, invites his chosen teammates onto the bus he is being transported in.

Special Guest: Cha Seung Won (Actor)

The teams are as follows:

Blue Team:
– Cha Seung Won
– Yoo Jae Suk
– Lee Kwang Soo
– Ha Ha

White Team:
– Kim Jong Kook
– Gary
– Jihyo
– Ji Suk Jin

After finally settling the teams for the race, all the teams are gathered together and the race/mission is about completing the mystery of the map. The episode revolves around a mysterious map that will lead them to a special prize. However, the map is not complete. For the day, the teams must compete and complete a series of games to earn pieces of the map. Once gaining the pieces to the map, the teams are able to solve the mystery of the map.

The cast moves on to the first Running Man flag, where a set of mini-games were presented to the teams. By playing the mini-games the teams were able to win the opportunity to eat the local dishes (which all the Running Man cast and Cha Seung Won were very ecstatic about).

The mini games to compete for food and pieces to the running map are Tug-o-war, Flip-a-coin and ddakji.

To read more on what happens in episode 315, read here for part 2!

Source: Dramafever, Dramafever YouTube, Running Man Official Website


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