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Previously on Part 1 of Running Man Recap for episode 315, the teams are playing several games to earn pieces of the mystery map. Moving on to the second location, the teams are once again playing for food. One of the common themes of episode 315 is that most of the missions are centered around food (more details to follow later).

At the second location, both teams competed in the game, “Skills of the Keeper”, where all the members of the team had to participate and become a shooter/kicker and kick a ball into a goal. But the catch of the game is that both the goalie and the kicker are wearing binoculars, making it hard for both players to either defend or attack. Besides earning a piece of the map, the winner of the game also wins the opportunity to eat the local cold buckwheat noodles.

Watch the “Skills of the Keeper” game here!

The 3rd location to earn a piece of the map was not shown in the episode but the production staff does highlight that the 3rd round of games featured a quiz while the teams go fishing.

The fourth location is revealed to be at a local fish market and the teams were instructed that the game was to be a cooking relay battle. The teams only have 45 minutes to cook up a pre-selected dish (Octopus Hot Pot), where ingredients can only be from the fish market. One member of the team will have 15 minutes to acquire the needed ingredients of the dish while the remaining members are the ones to have 10 minutes of cooking, each. To determine the winner of the cooking relay battle, special guest judges, Announcer Kim Hwan and Culinary expert, Lee Hye Jung, were invited and based their decision on edibility and how well the members cooked.

Cooking Relay Battle 1,2, 3


As the end of the episode is drawing near, both teams have acquired pieces of the map. Once arriving to the final location, there is a special platform for the teams to place the pieces of the map. Teams find that there is a missing piece to their map after rearranging the map. The production staff them explains to the teams that the missing piece to the map is located somewhere with the final location site. There is a figure, R-Mons, that are scattered throughout the location, that reveal where the hint to the final piece of the map. However, they could not see the hint without using a special screen that reveals the hint. The correct R-Mon has the letter “R” on it and members have to peel it off tot reveal the hint.

The hint then reveals that they must capture the flag that is located somewhere within the park. The one who manages to get the flag, is the sole winner. So if one only put their hand on it, they would be the only winner.

The final prize for the “Running Map” race is revealed to be a golden compass.

Watch the final mission here!

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