If you have not read up on RMR Episode 316 Part 1, please read that first.

Continuing from Part 2, the Running Man members are on a “Train to Prison” and the members are completing missions in order to escape, trying to not to make it to the final destination.

After failing the first mission, the members move on to the next car, a punishment for not being able to complete the missions. This car was named the Temptation Car and the Running Man members must resist the temptation that is within the car. There is also a special guest who makes an appearance, taking part in the mission. The special guest is revealed to be SISTAR’s Hyorin.

  • Members are given a fanny pack filled with treats as the enter the new car
  • The members must move through the car and pass without “BAEK”(100 in Korean)
  • Once in the car, music and the ladies that were seated in the car start dancing around the members
  • After a time of dancing and enjoying the music, the must stops and it is revealed that there is a pedometer hidden in the fanny packs that the members were given.
  • The real mission was to resist the temptation of dancing and making sure that the pedometer does not reach over 100.

Watch the “Temptation Mission” here!

The members could not complete the “Temptation” Mission, so again they all fail to escape. The 3rd Mission of the episode, the train makes a stop at the “Labor Platform.” All the members are instructed to to get off the train and complete another mission. When getting off, another special guest appears, K-Pop idol boyband GOT7, giving them a huge pile of work that the Running Man members must complete. The production staff reveals that all members must stamp 10,000 envelopes (1500 per person) by a given time limit (20 minutes).

  • There is a secret message located on one of the envelopes that reveals that the members are able to escape in a getaway car located at the station
  • Must outrun the prison guards (GOT7) and avoid getting name tag ripped off – if name tag is ripped off, that means automatic out
  • If ousted, prisoner will be moved to an isolated cell
  • The guards can also get their name tags ripped off – if that happens, will not be able to chase for 1 minute
  • Ha Ha manages to escape by himself

Watch GOT7 and the Running Man members compete against each other, here!

Ha Ha is the only Running Man member to escape from this mission, while the other members remain on the train. The episode proceeds onto the 4th mission, giving the members another chance for them to escape. The 4th Mission is called “Go Till The End.”

  • This mission will be done individually
  • Must cross the car without having the chime any bells
  • The car has intricately placed strings that has the bells attached, making it a difficult maze for each member to get through
  • Only have one warning if ringing the bell once, the second time means failing the mission
  • If passed, there is a special item that will be beneficial for the final mission which is a remote and a ticket to escape. It is the choice of those who passed to pick between the two choices.

The final mission is then revealed to viewers, showing that there are several cameras that are placed around the final mission site and in order to escape the prison guards, the members must turn off each camera with the given remote from the 4th mission.

Watch “Go Till The End” here!

With those who passed, they chose to stay till the very end and continue on with the members. Another small unexpected mission happens, where a member is able to escape which is, the first person to rip off a nametag is able to escape.

The mission moves on to the last car before the mission site, which is the
“Probability Car.”

  • There are scattered boxes located all over the car, and only 30% of the boxes contain the “R” sticker while 70% of the boxes are fakes or contain no “R” stickers.
  • Those who manage to pick the “R” stickers are given the chance to escape the final mission (and they do end up choosing to escape instead of staying with the members)

With not that members left before the final mission, another probability game is given to the remaining members. The remaining members have to play a classic board game “Pirate Sword Roulette.” The game involves putting sword into the pirate’s barrel and if put into a certain slot, the pirate sitting in the barrel will pop out.

  • Remaining members are given 18 swords (out of 24) to put into the slots.
  • Game of luck to not make the pirate pop out of the barrel
  • If the remaining members make the pirate pop out of the barrel, they will lose and go all the way to the final mission site.
  • 75% chance of losing

In the end, all the members managed to escape from the final mission and get to leave on a special, prepared getaway car.

Watch the rest of Episode 316 here!

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