If you have not read up on RMR Episode 317 Part 1, please read that first.

After revealing the missions for the the race, the first mission begins for the teams.

First Mission: “Killing Camp: Don’t Say The Top Ranking”

  • Teams have to guess the 2nd-6th rankings on a poll
  • First to 3 points can remove a member from the opposing team
  • After the game, both teams immediately playing “Running Rumble”
  • Running Rumble – one on one nametag battle; adds a member every 30 seconds; whoever eliminates opponents nametags win

The remaining members of the Avengers 2.0 are hiding in special numbered boxes.

  • Every time the Running Man cast guesses right, they are able to remove a number off the boxes to reveal the guest
  • If Avengers 2.0 guesses right, they are able to add names to a roulette wheel to take out a member
  • Other Special Guests: Moon Hee Jun (H.O.T), Key (SHINee), Yoon Hyung Bin (Comedian), Sung Hoon (Actor), Kim Dong Hyun (UFC Fighter)
  • Avengers Win

Second Mission: “Sensory Bin Quiz”

  • five members of the team will have to use a sense (taste, smell, sight, touch, hear) to figure out the item hidden in the box
  • Remaining member has to guess the item that is in the box based off of what the team describes the item is
  • there are two questions per team
  • if the teams are tied, the team with the shorter time to guess the item wins

Final Mission: “Game Of Luck: Name Tag Elimination”

  • Throughout the day, they have been playing for special stickers that will prove to be an advantage
  • Fortune Sticker: if revealed, that member with the sticker and and additional member will be out
  • Misfortune Sticker: Whoever rips the tag with the sticker, the race ends and the team instantly loses
  • Hidden hints located all over the final mission location

Avengers Team Wins!

Watch the entire episode here!

Stay tuned for the next installment of Running Man Recap!

Source: Dramafever, Dramafever YouTube, Running Man Official Website



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