Widely known and having millions of viewers worldwide, SBS Running Man has been one of the top South Korean Variety shows that is still ongoing after over 6 years. With over 300 episodes, many tune in to watch their favorite 7 Running Man members compete with one another. The Running Man cast includes, “Nation’s MC” Yoo Jae Suk, Actress Song Ji Hyo, Actor Lee Kwang Soo, Leesang’s Gary, MC Ji Suk Jin, Turbo’s Kim Jong Kook and artist Ha Ha.

This is a recap of Episode 318 of Running Man, “Running Man TV” 

Episode 318 starts off with 5 different items set up on a table that is given to each and every Running Man cast member. The five items have been laid out with a tag that has a “keyword” that comes up when the Running Man member is searched on search portal websites.

It is revealed that the race for Episode 318 is going to be an individual race, meaning all the members are playing for themselves. The week’s episode is called, “Running Man TV: Hot Hot Race.” The main mission is that each Running Man member has to make their own “hot” video and it will be posted online for fans and viewers to see. The videos are expected to be 3 minutes long and viewers will be voting for their favorite video. The videos will be ranked from higher to lowest in views. Rankings for the videos will be determine how the mission for the next week will go.

The five items that have been placed out for the members with the attached “keywords” all contain a different mission to accomplish when making the video. Depending on the keyword that is chosen, will determine how the views will happen for the video. Below are the Running Man members chosen keywords:

  • Yoo Jae Suk – “Yoo-ames Bond”
  • Kim Jong Kook – “Coach Kkuk”
  • Ha Ha – “Cooking”
  • Song Ji Hyo “Blank Ji Hyo”
  • Lee Kwang Soo – “My type of girl”
  • Ji Suk Jin – “Big Nose – Co-derella”
  • Gary – “Music”

After picking out their keywords, each member goes off on their own to accomplish their individual missions. Kim Jong Kook is shown first as he has to make a 3-minute workout video with a special guest who is known for their weak image.

Ji Suk Jin is given the mission of seeking out the person who left their “nose” behind. Ji Suk Jin is given a mold of a person’s, namely a celebrity, nose and has to find who the nose belongs to. It’s their own version of Cinderella, where instead of finding who the glass slipper belongs to, it has to deal with finding the nos.

Lee Kwang Soo’s mission is that he must find female celebrities that have named him as his ideal type. Lee Kwang Soo was overjoyed in knowing that he gets to spend time with a female guest and that they could go out on a date to see if Kwang Soo is really their ideal type at the end of the date.

Gary’s task is that he has to make a 1-minute theme song for Running Man, implementing each of members voice into the song. The rest of the Running Man cast member’s voice must be in the song at least once.

The mission that Song Ji Hyo is given is to take on the first place winner of Korea’s Daydreaming competition, in a daydreaming contest. Her opponent is revealed to be hit-recording artist, Crush. Though she laughs about the competition, she feels nervous about the competition, knowing how good Crush is and the fact that he is ranked 1st in Korea.

Yoo Jae Suk is the next member where his mission is revealed. Since he chose “Yoo-ames Bond” as his keyword for his missing, the production staff tell him that he is the “Scene Stealer.” The production staff reveals that Yoo Jae Suk is able to earn 10% of the other member’s views every time he succeeds in his mission. There is a catch however. Members who have completed their own missions will be given a hint regarding his “scene stealing.” If Yoo Jae Suk gets his name tag eliminated, he will lose 50% of his own video views. The other cast members are also given a hint to be careful of a member who is the “scene stealer.” This sparks curiosity amongst the members to wonder who is the actual scene stealer.

The last member who is shown given their mission is Ha Ha and he is given the task of creating a cooking video. Ha Ha choose to make food using only convenience foods. After searching online he comes across a really popular food trend that is going around, which happens to be GOT7’s Mark’s convenience store menu. So Ha Ha decides that he is going to pay Mark a visit and collaborate with him to make a “hot cooking video.” Ha Ha arrives at JYP Entertainment’s headquarters and is able to meet with Mark and gets started on the mission. In wanting to gain more views, Ha Ha does every little bit of fan service for GOT7 fans by revealing Mark’s abs and even gaining the help of another GOT7 member, Jinyoung.

Song Ji Hyo is shown again as she is able to meet up with Crush at his studio, and they both head to the Han River to start the Daydreaming Contest between the two of them. The rules of the competition is that both, Song Ji Hyo and Crush maintain a steady heartbeat for one hour, even when they are given distractions that could mess with their heart rate. Gary on the other hand, starts his mission by working in the studio with coming up with an arrangement and beat for the song before calling each member to help with the song.

Lee Kwang Soo’s mission leads him to meeting with the first woman who has named him his ideal type, which is revealed to be model Kang Seung Hyun. Kang Seung Hyun has been a guest on Running Man before and ha da great time reuniting once again to complete his mission. But then comes in Yoo Jae Suk, interrupting their date, causing some suspicion to arise.

For Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Kwang Soo was revealed to be the closest person to him and decided to steal his scene first. But his mission isn’t as easy as he thought. He must complete his mission without getting caught so he fakes his mission by asking Kwang Soo to get a trace of his foot without his shoe on. Yoo Jae Suk lies to Kwang Soo by saying that he needs to get the member’s foot print. When Kwang Soo is distracted, Yoo Jae Suk takes the chance to run off with the Shoe that Kwang Soo has taken off. This is where his real mission is revealed – his mission is to meet with as many members as possible and steal their shoe. In Korean, shoe and scene sound similar, thus the mission title, “scene stealer.”

WATCH THE FIRST HALF OF EPISODE 318 HERE! Stay tuned for Part 2 of Running Man Recap Episode 318!

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