If you have not read up on RMR Episode 318 Part 1, please read that first before continuing on with RMR Part 2.

Continuing on with Part 2 of Episode 318, Kwang Soo had his show stolen from Yoo Jae Suk and could not catch him. So Kwang Soo is given a a card that explains that he just lost 10% of his views thanks to Yoo Jae Suk and that when he completes his mission, he will be given another hint about his views that he just lost. Kwang Soo is still on his date and at the end of it, Kang Seung Hyun is given a lie detector test, where she must answer ‘yes’ to all the questions. All the questions were regarding if Kwang Soo is her ideal type, to which she all lied about her answers, resulting in a fail for Kwang Soo.

Kim Jong Kook’s special guest for his exercise video is revealed to be Untouchable’s Sleepy. Sleepy was chosen to be a guest due to the weak image he has when appearing on other variety shows. Sleepy reveals that he wants to have a nice body for the next year. So Kim Jong Kook starts working with him to give him a proper work out.

Yoo Jae Suk once again crashes another Running Man member’s mission site, this time is it Song Ji Hyo. When he arrives, Song Ji Hyo is fully immersed into the competiton and tries to distract Ji Hyo. As he tries to distract her, he notices that Ji Hyo’s shoes are taken off, which made it an easy steal for him. Ji Suk Jin however, is the only member from the Running Man cast that is having difficulties with completing his mission. As his mission is to find the person who fits his given nose mold, it is not easy to approach different celebrities to ask if the mold of the nose is their nose. While Ji Suk Jin was scoping out different celebrities, Yoo Jae Suk manages to ambush him with the help of the staff, successfully stealing his shoe. By the time Yoo Jae Suk leaves with Ji Suk Jin’s shoe, Ji Suk Jin is given the same card explaining that he has lost  10% of his views.

Ha Ha is the next member that is covered in the episode, as he still working on creating a menu with GOT7 members Mark and Jinyoung using convenience store. Ha Ha uses Mark’s viral recipe but with a twist. He substitutes a few items for other items that are more savory. Together with GOT7, Ha Ha is able to make a full menu set complete with dessert. With the GOT7 members and Ha Ha in short sleeved shirts, they hope to make the video more “hot” and even enlist the help of beastly idol, Chansung of 2PM.

Ji Suk Jin was able to gain a hint about who the nose belongs to after talking with the production company that his mission was too hard and ends up showing up at JYP Entertainment’s headquarters where Ha Ha was also located. It was by chance that Ji Suk Jin was able to find Chansung and it was confirmed that the nose did belong to him. Both Ha Ha and Ji Suk Jin were able to complete their missions and the production crew gives another card to the both of them, saying that Yoo Jae Suk is the ‘scene stealer’ and must oust him so that he will lose 50% of his views.

Though Song Ji Hyo lost against Crush in the Daydreaming contest, Song Ji Hyo is still able to get the hint about Yoo Jae Suk and how they must catch him. Kwang Soo continues to go on dates in order to complete his mission. He is able to meet up with Secret’s Song Jieun, who has stated that Lee Kwang Soo has been her ideal type for several years. Again, at the end of the date, she is given a series of questions that she must answer all ‘yes’ to. Song Jieun answers truthfully, giving Kwang Soo his success in completing his mission.

Getting towards the end of the episode, Gary is still working on the theme song for Running Man and Kim Jong Kook is continuing to work out with Sleepy for his work out video. At this point, most of the members are chasing after him since they have completed their missions. The only members left to take shoes from are Gary, Kim Jong Kook and Ha Ha. The very end of the episode ends of with Yoo Jae Suk heading over the Kim Jong Kook to try and take his shoes.

Clearly this is not the end of this race as the episode leaves off with a cliff-hanger  and the results of the “Running Man TV: Hot Hot Race” will be revealed in Episode 319!

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