If you have not read up on RMR Episode 319 Part 1, please read that first before continuing on with RMR Part 2.

A new week has started and the results from the previous episode are revealed to the Running Man cast members. The new race is called “Running Man Go: 7 vs. 102.” The rankings from the previous episode is once again stressed. In this new race, the Running Man members are given a 200 minute time limit to accomplish their mission , while 102 hunters are chasing after them. The hunters were revealed to be several idol groups (Monsta X, VIXX, KNK, BESTie), comedians, singers and actors/actresses who happen to see the recruitment notice in the SBS buildings. Due to so many hunters being cast for this race, each celebrity guest was given their own camera to film themselves as they chase after the Running Man cast members.

The production staff for Running Man reveal the perks of their rankings. The higher the rank, the less number of people will be chasing after the Running Man cast:

  • First Place: Seven hunters
  • Second: 9 hunters
  • Third: 11 hunters
  • Fourth: 13 hunters
  • Fifth: 15 hunters
  • Sixth: 20 hunters
  • Seventh: 27 hunters

The Running Man members are given three name tags that are attached to the back of their shirts and once all three name tags are taken off, they are out of the race. While trying to escape their hunters, the Running Man members also are trying to find a special item/person that is important to the race. The special persons are revealed to be actor Jo Jae Hyun and actress Chae Soo Bin. These two special guests are given their own mission, as they have to try and evade the rest of the Running Man members for 200 minutes.Jo Jae Hyun and Chae Soo Bin will have  a special card attached to them, where one has “0 Won” and the other will have “10,000 Won. The Running Man cast may be able to win if they catch either special guest and choose the right guest who has the “10,000 won.” If the RM member is unable to correctly choose the right guest with the special tag, the special guests will will the final prize.

Without warning, the hunters begin chasing the Running Man members, causing mass chaos amongst all those who are participating. Within minutes, most of the Running Man members get one name tag taken off their back seeing as there are many who are hunting them.

Halfway through the chase, the RM members are sent a text that contains a hint about where to find the special guests. Song Ji Hyo and Lee Kwang Soo are the first to find Jo Jae Hyun and Chae Soo Bin and they are able to rip off their name tags and put their own on either Chae Soo Bin and Jo Jae Hyun’s back. Once the RM member’s name is on either of their back, the RM member has control of that special guest, similar to an avatar.

But the twist is that Chae Soo Bin and Jo Jae Hyun are carrying out their own secret missions they must complete with the RM members. If they are able to complete their mission, the RM cast member’s location will be revealed for ten minutes, giving the hunters a chance to chase after them and eliminate them.

The rest of the episode shows the Running Man members fighting over who has control over Jo Jae Hyun or Chae Soo Bin. Along the way, many get another nametag ripped off or may be taken out completely from either the hunters or the Running Man members themselves. All while the battle to see who stays with either Jo Jae Hyun or Chae Soo Biin, both special guests try to confuse the rest of the Running Man cast members on saying who has the “0 Won” card.

At the very last minute, it is between Ha Ha and Kim Jong Kook who will end up as the one who chooses between Jo Jae Hyun and Chae Soo Bin for the “10,000 Won.” Kim Jong Kook was eliminated right before the end of the 200 minutes was u[, leaving Ha Ha as the sole member to choose between the two special guests. Ha Ha spent 7 minutes controlling Jo Jae Hyun and should he have the card, Ha Ha earns 70,000 won. If Chae Soo Bin is the one with the “10,000” Ha Ha would be able to earn 970,000 won, due to having control of her for 97 minutes.

In the very end, Ha Ha fails to choose the right guest who had the “10,000” card, which is revealed to be Jo Jae Hyun. So both Jo Jae Hyun and Chae Soo Bin win the race, taking home a  310,000 won

Watcht he full episode of Running Man Episode 319 here!

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Source: Dramafever, Dramafever YouTube, Running Man Official Website


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