If you have not read up on RMR Episode 320 Part 1, please read that first before continuing on with RMR Part 2.

Part 2 of RMR Episode 320 kicks off with the teams separating off to heading off into different missions to obtain consonants. At each location (a total of 5), the teams are able to earn consonants through various games. Once completing the games, a team earns a needed consonant while also earning a card that gives them another opportunity to earn another consonant. The card is picked at random however. One of the cards that the team may pick are: steal a consonant (from another team), earn a free consonant, letter thief (by ripping a name tag of another team, they are able to steal a consonant that they have) or a dud.

Throughout the rest of the episode each teams are running around, trying to earn consonants, sometimes stealing them from other teams or earning consonants through other chances. It is revealed that the Blue Team is the team to acquire all the 14 consonants during the day, earning themselves another special advantage for the final mission.

The final mission of the episode is named “Operation Bundle” where teams must survive until the end to open a box that contains a special item. Throughout the final mission location, there are hint boxes that give a person a chance to eliminate a consonant. By eliminating a consonant, there is an opportunity to eliminate a person from the race. Once a member is eliminated there is a special bundle that will appear somewhere throughout the location that need to be collected to open the box that contains the special items. The bundle also is special in when obtaining it, the member is able to eliminate nametags without having to eliminate consonants. The eliminated consonant has to be chosen wisely as the consonant effects everyone and there is a risk of eliminating a teammate.

The advantage that the blue team was given is that they are able to choose a consonant to be revived. Though the consonant is eliminated, it can come back a second time.The race is intense and full of action but at the end, the Blue Team wins the final race.

At the end of episode, there is a brief lesson for all the cast about the history and preservation of Hangul and how it is important to continue passing down how Hangul became the national alphabet.

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Source: Dramafever, Dramafever YouTube, Running Man Official Website

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