Sometimes, happy endings are not hard to find.

Episode 15 left viewers with a startling revelation. Shi-jin has been alive the entire time. He finds Mo-yeon in Albania. She cries in shock, unable to believe that he is really standing in front of her. She believed he had been dead for an entire year. She calls him a jerk and walks away. Then she walks back and hits him, hugs him and says that she doesn’t need him. Then she says she loves him.

Back in Urk, Myung-joo is enjoying the first snow to land in the country in a hundred years. She sees a figure approaching her through the white flurry and freezes.

Dae-young has looked better. His arm is in a sling and his clothes are dirty, but he is alive. He stands before Myung-joo without saying a word. Finally, with tears in his eyes, he says that his answer (to the question of whether or not they should break up) is “very late.” He then tells her, “Even if I die, I will never break up with you.” Myung-joo breaks down in tears, and they share a kiss in the snow.

Inside, Ki-bum is lecturing the new recruits. He is doing well in his role as the new platoon leader. However, his tough attitude falls apart the moment Dae-young walks in. He begins to cry openly. Dae-young hugs him and asks how his high school equivalency test went. Ki-bum tearfully tells him that he passed.

That night, Dae-young and Myung-joo share an intimate moment. While she is shaving him, he says that he will not die again. “Never again will I die … even if I die.” She wants him to be sure — he is all she has left. She asks him how he managed to get here. Dae-young recounts his and Shi-jin’s near-death experience and imprisonment. They were captured by the foreign country’s militants before the bomb went off. They were imprisoned for one hundred and fifty or so days. Dae-young’s flashback shows them beaten and bloodied in prison. Their rescue comes from the most unexpected place. Jeong-joon, the North Korean soldier, is alive. He frees them to repay his debt to Shi-jin.

Shi-jin is telling Mo-yeon the same story. He apologizes for all the times he has nearly died. Mo-yeon had been preparing food for his memorial. He is chowing down on the spread (after all, she did prepare it for him) when Mo-yeon’s friends from Korea interrupt with a video phone call. They are shocked when they see Shi-jin over her shoulder, munching away at the food for his memorial. They are convinced they’re seeing a ghost. Dr. Song faints. Amused, Mo-yeon proves that he is not a ghost, and they are thrilled to see him alive.

The two men return to Korea. Lt. General Yoon forgoes the formalities and welcomes them back with a hug. Colonel Park, who was promoted while they were gone, gets choked up while trying to scold them for making him suffer their absence. Alpha Team interrupts him. The men are delighted to see Shi-jin and Dae-young alive. However, Colonel Park spoils the reunion, reminding them they have a long, long report to write.

Mo-yeon has returned to Korea as well. She and Shi-jin go out for coffee. She asks him if he will continue doing such dangerous work. Though she does not like it, she will continue to support him. She reminds him that he is lucky to have a girlfriend like her. In the next scene, Shi-jin takes her camping. Mo-yeon is not interested in fishing, and Shi-jin is not interested in exploring. However, he happily suggests they cozy up in the tent. Mo-yeon warns him not to cross the line. Somehow, Shi-jin convinces her to go fishing with him and she catches one. Much to her surprise, Shi-jin is adorably squeamish when it comes to cutting it. She does it herself with the skill of a surgeon. They do get comfortable in the tent later that night. Mo-yeon still has the stone from the beach in Urk. She asks if Shi-jin thinks they could really go back there. In response, he asks who she will go with.  When Mo-yeon replies that she will go with him, Shi-jin smiles and says that makes him “look forward to it.”

Meanwhile, Myung-joo calls Dae-young from Urk to see how the report his going. He says that he will answer her calls no matter what. However, he does not think he will be able to answer her calls the next day. The team will be escorting a VIP.

The VIP is not the sort that Myung-joo might have expected. We see the soldiers preparing intensely for the arrival … of Red Velvet. The girl group is there to perform for the soldiers, who could not be more excited. Dae-young and Shi-jin may be the most enthusiastic of them all. Dae-young shows off his moves, while Shi-jin waves a banner professing his love to the girls.

A video from the concert finds its way to Mo-yeon. She is not pleased. As an act of revenge, she asks the host of a medical broadcast to ask her if she has a boyfriend during the segment. When he does, she professes to be single. Shi-jin can’t apologize his way out of this one. Neither can Dae-young. Myung-joo has seen the video as well. We see him on the phone with her as he to tries to explain himself. She warns her boyfriend that he only has a hundred fifty-seven days until she returns, and for the next one hundred fifty-seven days, she will think about how she is going to kill him.

In the next scene, Shi-jin receives his promotion to major. Mo-yeon continues as the face of the hospital on television, a position she secured earlier in the series when she was passed over for a promotion to professor. She has become a well-known name. Myung-joo returns from Urk, and Dae-young is ready for her fury. Luckily, she missed him too much to be angry. He tells her that he will be meeting with her the next day.

He makes good on his promise and holds tightly to her hand when they visit her father. However, he nearly drops it when Myung-joo boldly announces that she is pregnant. Her father just stares at the two of them, his eyebrows raised in shock. It is not true, of course, but she whispers to Dae-young that she wanted to make a preemptive strike. Once the dust settles, Lt. General Yoon hears them out. Dae-young says he will not be able to go through with giving up his uniform. He was hurt badly while being held captive, but he does not regret becoming a soldier. Lt. General Yoon says that the country has already acknowledged Dae-young as a soldier and that “as the Commander, it is an honor to have Sergeant First Class Seo Dae-young as my son-in-law.”

We see Myung-joo again at the hospital. It is Christmas in Korea, and Myung-joo delivers a heart-warming letter to Mo-yeon from Fatima, who is learning Korean. The young girl is still thankful for all that Mo-yeon did for her.

The other doctors are in the Christmas spirit as well. Nurse Ha gets her hands on Dr. Song’s computer. Earlier in the series, he teasingly told her to delete a folder off of it if anything ever happens to him. She finds the folder and expects it to contain something embarrassing. But she discovers the exact opposite. Inside the folder, Dr. Song has nothing but wonderful pictures of Nurse Ha from years of friendship.

Afterward, she walks through the hospital in a daze until she runs into him. He knows she saw the folder because she deleted it. She asks him why he kept such pictures. He explains that the pictures were for the proposal he has been planning. He confesses his love, but Nurse Ha stops him. She says that she will be the one doing the confessing after she pays him back for helping with her daughter’s loan. Then she gets up and walks away with a smile on her face. Dr. Song is stunned. He chases after her, asking if she can pay it back sooner.

Romance is in the air for Dae-young and Myung-joo as well. They are having lunch together, and Myung-joo gives him an invitation she received to Daniel and Ye-hwa‘s wedding. Dae-young is more interested in whether or not she read his will when she thought he was dead. The will was a confession of his undying love to her. He tells her that he wrote the letter a hundred times because he wanted to go to her a hundred times. Dae-young stands up and tells his subordinates to close their eyes. Then he kisses her on the forehead. Myung-joo also orders her subordinates to close their eyes so she can lay a real kiss on him.

Mo-yeon and Shi-jin return to the beach in Urk. They stay there until it gets dark, then watch the night sky and the sea from a seat on the rusted ship. Mo-yeon sees her first shooting star. Shi-jin asks her if she is going to make a wish, and she replies that she already did. Shi-jin has his star right next to him. He says that she has made his life brighter. When he asks her what she wished for, she says that she wished he would kiss her. Shi-jin makes sure that her wish was not wasted.

In the next scene, the entire crew is in Canada at Ye-hwa and Daniel’s wedding reception, though the newlyweds themselves are completely absent. Dae-young caught the bouquet and has no intention of letting it go. Chi-hoon addresses the viewers directly and praises the happy ending. Then the power suddenly goes out. The cast wonders what is happening. We hear Myung-joo ask if it is kiss time. Mo-yeon points out that it is not a recall scene. Someone else remarks that the story isn’t headed for a comedy or a melodrama.

The lights come back on, and an alarm starts blaring. A waitress comes running through the room and announces that a volcano just erupted. Immediately, the group begins to complain. Dae-young laments that he should have retired from the military. The men loosen their ties, and the ladies wipe off lipstick, pin their hair up and take off their high heels.

Shi-jin sighs and says that it feels like the introduction to a long report. He is the first to leave the table. It’s time to go.

With that, the final episode of Descendants of the Sun comes to a wonderful close. This romantic melodrama took viewers on an unexpected ride through many ups and downs. It delivered a fantastic story and an ending full of heart.

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