This isn’t going to be pretty.

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead

Episode nine ended with Agus on the ground, bleeding from a gunshot wound. Fatima, the girl who pulled the trigger, begs Mo-yeon to let him die. Shi-jin has asked her to save him, stating that he will be the one to do the killing if the situation arises.

With reluctance, Mo-yeon removes the bullet and patches Agus’ wound. He tries to take Fatima with him when he leaves, but Mo-yeon refuses to let him take any of the children. Agus leaves empty-handed, though not without threatening Fatima first. He promises that he will see her again, stating that she “won’t die with that pretty face.” Shi-jin coldly tells Agus to run as fast and as far away as he can.

The Korean army arrives at the phantom village to take the sick children back for treatment. Shi-jin explains the situation to Dae-young. Back at the base, the medical team begins treating the sick children, but Mo-yeon flashes back to Agus. While she was treating him, he warned her that Shi-jin is a “dangerous man” and there’s a chance she’ll get hurt.

The warning troubles Mo-yeon, but she has more pressing matters to attend to. Fatima insists on leaving and demands to know why Mo-yeon saved Agus, declaring that he should have been left for dead. Mo-yeon calmly explains that Fatima would have become a murderer if Agus had died of his injury. Fatima is not convinced. Mo-yeon stopped her from murdering Agus, but that will not stop Agus from murdering her. She does not believe that the army can save her and, having been orphaned by the Urk war, does not trust them.

Mo-yeon doesn’t budge. Without smiling, she says that Fatima will need to pull herself together before running away.

Back in Korea, the doctors that returned from Urk recount the horrible story of the earthquake. Chi-hoon’s pregnant fiancée, Dr. Jang, interrupts and demands to know why Chi-hoon did not return even though his name was on the list. She is worried that he might be cheating on her but is told by a member of the Urk medical team that he gave up his seat for a patient. That patient, Chief Manager Jin Young-soo, is still a topic of suspicion for the team back in Urk. Nurse Ah tells the others that Soo-jin never made it onto the flight. Dr. Song teasingly wonders if his own soul flew home instead. Perhaps his flirtations are beginning to win Nurse Ah over?

Romance is in the air for Dae-young and Myung-joo as well. They take a drive, heading to a civil affairs operation, and both are more visibly relaxed in their relationship now that Lt. General Yoon has given his consent. However, Dae-young has yet to tell Myung-joo of her father’s ultimatum.

Dae-young asks her what she will do if she ever quits the military. He wonders the same of himself, referring to the dangerous nature if their job and what it could mean for their future. Myung-joo is touched but also states that if it is not the uniform, she’d wear nothing. Their romantic conversation comes to an end when they arrive at the phantom village and discover that everyone who remained has vanished.

Meanwhile, at the army headquarters, the Lt. General discusses the situation surrounding Agus, who is now classified as an army deserter. He refers to Agus’ involvement in the mission that cost Shi-jin’s superior his life. The Korean army has a plan to cooperate with U.S. forces in order to bring Agus down. Their information suggests that there are plans for a coup against North Urk’s military leader, Aman. Agus plans to sell weapons and profit from the bloodshed.

Lt. General Yoon states that the mission is now about politics. The Korean forces must step back from all involvement with Agus. Shi-jin returns to the camp to share the troubling news with Dae-young. When they get back, an unexpected—and suspicious—surprise awaits them. Packages have arrived from Korea.

Dr. Song ordered a pair of shoes for Nurse Ah. He plays it cool and says that he does not need her thanks. Nurse Ah was not going to thank him. She informs him that they are the wrong size, to which he replies that no one will know. Shi-jin has received a package as well. Oddly enough, the heart-covered box is addressed to “Young Shi-jin” rather than “Yoo Shi-jin.” When he and Dae-young hear Mo-yeon announce the arrival of the package and the misspelled name over the radio, the two men exchange horrified looks. Myung-joo hears as well and seems to know something we do not. She bursts out of the supply room and races to meet Mo-yeon. Meanwhile, Shi-jin and Dae-young sprint through the camp like terrified madmen. A dramatic score plays in the background while their fellow soldiers salute them.

Myung-joo beats them to it and rips open the box. She and Mo-yeon find a photograph inside. In the photo, Dae-young and Shi-jin sit with two very, very pretty flight attendants. The affectionate note in the box is also covered in hearts. With chilling calm, Mo-yeon tells Myung-joo to get her gun just as the two sweaty men come rushing in. The ladies are not pleased. Dae-young and Shi-jin fumble though a lie, claiming that one of the women is Dae-young’s cousin. Their credibility goes up in smoke when each man indicates a different woman.

Chi-hoon is facing his own challenges in the care unit. Kang will not allow him to administer an injection and does not want Chi-hoon to treat him. Chi-hoon is still wracked with guilt over leaving Kang in the collapsing building. He begs for forgiveness, but Kang coldly refuses to save him from his own guilt.

Chi-hoon leaves and breaks down in tears. He doesn’t even have the heart to call his fiancée. His only comfort comes from the boy that was saved from lead poisoning earlier in the series. The boy has wandered to the base and finds Chi-hoon sitting alone. He seems to be worried about Chi-hoon and holds his hand while the doctor cries.

Mo-yeon had been looking for Chi-hoon in order to have him call his fiancée. She is pulled away from her search when the medical team discovers that someone robbed their locked stock of medical supplies. We then see Fatima at a payphone with her arms full of the stolen medicine. Fatima calls someone and says that they will run away together after selling the narcotics.

In the next scene, we see Mo-yeon and Shi-jin gathering information from the local bar on Fatima’s possible whereabouts. Shi-jin and Mo-yeon are able to track her down and drive to an abandoned warehouse. There, Fatima is being beaten by the boy she’d planned on running away with. He only used her to steal the drugs. Shi-jin and Mo-yeon intervene, but they are outnumbered and outgunned. But Shi-jin plays it cool. He tells Mo-yeon to run at his signal and leave if he does not come out in five minutes. Shi-jin puts his gun down. He quickly proves he doesn’t need it. Using their own weapons against them, he manages to disarm the boy and his gang. However, he does not have the upper hand for long. The boys have more guns and begin shooting. The bullets force Shi-jin and Fatima to take cover, leaving them cornered. That is when Mo-yeon speeds into the warehouse behind the wheel of the car. The gang is forced back, lest they become hood ornaments, and the trio makes their escape. The car is the only casualty. It breaks down on the road, becoming Mo-yeon’s third victim. Dae-young sends out a rescue for them. While they wait, Fatima receives a firm scolding from Mo-yeon in both Korean and English. Mo-yeon is not going to let Fatima waste her life.

Shi-jin finds Mo-yeon later that night. After teasing her about finally washing her hair, he playfully suggests that sleeping would be a waste that night. He whips two packages of instant ramen out of his pockets and he offers Mo-yeon dinner. The power goes out just as they are about to eat, of course. Mo-yeon worries that they won’t be able to enjoy their ramen in the dark. Luckily, Shi-jin has a clever solution. They dine Special Forces style — wearing night-vision gear.

Cheif Manager Jin Young-soo is not having such a pleasant night. He has been hiding from Agus since swallowing the diamonds he had promised him. What goes in must come out, unfortunately. Young-soo successfully … retrieves the diamonds. Then a false passport is delivered to him after his expensive potty break. He plans to sneak out of the country, posing as a citizen of the Arab Republic of Urk. He dons his unconvincing disguise, complete with a false mustache, and then proceeds to ingest the diamonds again.

Unfortunately for Young-Soo, he does not make it onto the plane. He is arrested at the airport. A report of Young-soo’s arrest reaches the base. Kang overhears Dae-young and Shi-jin discussing the cowardly manager and mentions that he saw Young-soo hiding diamonds in the safe. Dae-young and Shi-jin reach the same realization about Young-soo’s plan. They race off to rescue the manager, who is in serious need of help.

The police deliver Young-soo to Agus and his men. They can’t locate the diamonds anywhere on his person. Agus orders them to search inside of him. Special Forces arrives just as Agus’ men are preparing to slice Young-soo open. They save him, but do not capture the thugs.

Back at the camp, Young-soo is treated for his injures. He didn’t look so hot when he received his fake passport and now shows signs of a real illness. Shi-jin begins to scold him, saying that pretending won’t help. But when Young-soo begins to vomit blood, it is clear he isn’t pretending. The team assumes it is because of the diamonds in his stomach.

Myung-joo and Mo-yeon rush him into the operating room to remove the diamonds. Something seems amiss, however. His symptoms are not adding up. During surgery, the doctors find what they believe to be a cyst in Young-soo’s stomach. The cyst-like mass suddenly ruptures. Mo-yeon and Myung-joo, who did not wear protective eyewear, come in direct contact with his blood. Mo-yeon suddenly realizes what all of the symptoms might mean and orders everyone to stop what they are doing.

Young-soo is showing signs of a deadly M3-level virus — hemorrhagic fever

Mo-yeon dismisses the rest of the medical team and finishes the surgery with Myung-joo. Then the two women quarantine themselves. Dr. Song tells Shi-jin and Dae-young about the incident and explains the nature of the disease Mo-yeon and Myung-joo may have been exposed to. Shi-jin and Dae-young race to quarantine to see them. However, rushing Mo-yeon and Myung-joo’s blood samples off for emergency testing is the only thing they can do to help.

What will the blood tests reveal? Find out on the next episode available on DramaFever.





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