“Love sick” takes on a new meaning.

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead.

We ended episode 10 with a troubling revelation. While performing surgery on Chief Manager Jin Young-sooMo-yeon and Myung-joo were exposed to what is believed to be an M3-level virus. They are quarantined until it can be determined whether or not they are sick. Dae-young and Shi-jin rush samples off for testing. They then return to the doctors in quarantine. In a heartbreaking scene, Dae-young strides right into the quarantine area and takes Myung-joo in his arms. That is when she realizes she has been contaminated. Calmly, she admits that it is scary and tells Dae-young to leave so that he can be quarantined as well. He refuses, holding her tight with tears in his eyes until she orders him to go.

The illness has a 50/50 chance of survival. While Mo-yeon draws Dae-young’s blood for testing, he says he heard the sickness is no better than Ebola. Mo-yeon reassures him that Myung-joo has a healthy immune system. Her chances are good. However, she later confides in Shi-jin that Myung-joo’s healthy immune system could actually make her chances worse by causing an “immune storm.”

The base and the medical area are placed under quarantine. The “medi cube” is equipped for such situations, but the doctors must take every precaution. Everyone must be tested for the sickness. Dr. Song is quarantined with symptoms that could be the illness or simply a common cold. Being ill does not stop him from flirting with Nurse Ah, of course.

Dae-young is temporarily quarantined while his blood is tested. Shi-jin brings him a radio so he can communicate with Myung-joo. Being apart is clearly hard for both of them. Dae-young repeats that he misses her over and over again. Myung-joo reminds him of the second time they met and she wore a white dress, wanting to be seen as an angel rather than the virgin ghost Dae-young suggested. Quietly, she murmurs that a virgin ghost and an angel are still dead either way.

Back in Korea, the hospital team watches the news of the virus discovery. First the earthquake, and now a virus. Dr. Jang tearfully calls Chi-hoon’s mother to voice her distress. His family has a huge financial partnership with the hospital, and his mother uses it to her full advantage. She demands that her son be returned to her immediately.

Meanwhile, Dr. Song calls Dr. Pyo, Mo-yeon’s close friend, and asks for her help researching the illness. Kang and Ki-bum assist the medical team with delivering food and medicine to the sick. They ask Myung-joo about the diamonds Young-soo swallowed. She estimates they’re worth 2 billion dollars, much to their shock.

Fatima is also lending a hand. She translates for the doctors at the temporary clinic they have set up during the quarantine. Suddenly, the camp experiences another blackout. Young-soo has survived the surgery Myung-joo and Mo-yeon performed but remains unconscious in quarantine. He requires a breathing machine, but it stops working during the blackout. He immediately begins to suffer what appears to be a seizure. Ki-bum and Kang watch helplessly until Chi-hoon rushes in to help control the seizing. While attempting to hold Young-soo down, he is bitten. He does not stop to worry about himself, however. When Mo-yeon and Myung-joo rush in to help, he starts CPR and refuses to let them address his bite wound. The power returns, and they save Young-soo.

Kang, having witnessed Chi-hoon’s actions, commends him, saying he “seemed like a doctor” just then. The compliment is a far cry from Kang’s earlier angry feelings, and Chi-hoon breaks down into tears. Finally, he calls his fiancée.

Meanwhile, Daniel takes the children who were treated for measles to the U.N. camp. There, he picks up medicine for the team that may help. The blood test results come back, and everyone is cleared of the M3 virus. However, they do not know what made Young-soo and Myung-joo sick. Myung-joo is beginning to grow weak and feels ill, showing signs that the illness is progressing.

Dae-young and Shi-jin are called back to the temporary clinic for an emergency. There, they find Agus and his men waiting for them. Agus seems to be doing remarkably well for someone who was recently shot. He’s back to dishing out threats with a smile. Mo-yeon wonders if he is there to be tested for the virus. Agus smugly reveals that the U.S. Army already came to test him. He says that he is only there to see Young-soo. Shi-jin tells him to get lost, but Agus isn’t interested in leaving without his “stuff.” Shi-jin is not here to play Agus’ game or allow Agus to have the diamonds back. Agus makes a show of leaving behind medicine for Young-soo on his way out. He wants him alive so that they can “talk.” Dae-young speculates that Agus somehow found out about the U.S. military’s plans to bring him down.

Nurse Ah hurries to tell Dr. Song that he does not have the M3 virus. She hugs him, revealing how worried she was, and Dr. Song pulls her back into a hug when she steps away. After an emotional reunion, they quickly return to the matter at hand. Dr. Song’s research suggests that they can use Cefotaxime, an antibiotic, to treat Myung-joo. The antibiotic will be on the truck with the medicine that Daniel is bringing back from the U.N. camp.

Myung-joo’s symptoms continue to worsen. She decides to call her father. She asks why he didn’t call first. He explains that though she has a 50/50 chance; he has been feeling helpless. Myung-joo promises that she will get better. However, she still asks two favors of him. She asks him to forgive her for saying that he would lose her as both a First Lieutenant and as a daughter. Then she asks him not to make Dae-young take off his uniform. Myung-joo ends the call with her father when Mo-yeon comes into the room. Just as she hangs up, she drops the phone and falls unconscious.

At the same time, Daniel is on his way back with the truck full of medicine. However, a group of armed men stop him on the road and steal the truck.

Back at the camp, Mo-yeon has Myung-joo placed in an ice bath to try to control her fever. Her earlier concerns were correct. Myung-joo’s immune system has turned against her. Daniel calls Mo-yeon to tell her that the truck has been stolen. Myung-joo is running out of time.

Shi-jin receives a phone call as well. Agus has the truck, and he wants to make a deal. He will hand over the truck and medicine if Shi-jin brings him the diamonds. With no other choice, Shi-jin agrees. He goes with Dae-young and several soldiers to make the exchange. Daniel confirms that the medicine is there and quickly drives the truck back to the base. Agus’ right-hand man has the diamonds, and that should be the end … but he makes the mistake of smirking at Dae-young. Immediately, Dae-young snaps. The thug doesn’t have time to fight back. Dae-young lays him out with a punch and then delivers a brutal, well-deserved beating.

He is far gentler when he returns to the camp and finds Myung-joo awake. He stays by her side while Mo-yeon steps outside to address a visit from the police.  The officer tells her that Fatima has been arrested for stealing drugs with the intent to sell. The punk that lied to her has sold her out to the police. Mo-yeon insists that Fatima didn’t steal the drugs and is innocent. That same punk steps out of the police car and murmurs something to the officer. Suddenly, the man is more interested in Mo-yeon’s identity.

Meanwhile, Daniel arrives with the medicine. The cure is administered and soon, Myung-joo’s fever breaks. The triumph is short-lived. Shi-jin discovers Fatima’s arrest and immediately knows that something is not right. No one has seen Mo-yeon since the previous night when she went to the police station for Fatima. Shi-jin, believing that Fatima and Mo-yeon are in danger, speeds off to the town. He rounds a bend and very nearly hits Fatima; she is bound, gagged and standing in the middle of the road.

Shi-jin quickly gets out and rushes to help her. Before he can get to her, however, she is shot in the leg by one of Agus’ men and collapses into Shi-jin’s arms. Agus steps out of hiding with a pleased grin on his face. His men have taken Mo-yeon hostage, and they bring her out with a gun to her head.

Agus crouches down and wraps a cloth around Fatima’s leg, saying that it’s a shame he had to shoot her. There is not an ounce of sincerity in his eyes. Shi-jin demands to know what Agus wants. The villain explains that he knows about the U.S. army’s plans to take down his smuggling operation. He won’t be caught in the trap they set. He informs Shi-jin that he will continue on with his deal, selling weapons to North Urk at midnight. Then he implies that Shi-jin will secure a way for him to escape Urk safely.

Shi-jin angrily promises that he will be the one to kill Agus with his own two hands. Agus doesn’t understand him, but he still laughs, saying that he will learn Korean just for Shi-jin. Agus’ men have taken Mo-yeon to a waiting car, and Agus drives away with her. She still has the hand radio Shi-jin gave her and told her to carry earlier in the series. He calls to her with it. She listens with tears in her eyes as Shi-jin tells her not to be afraid and not to cry. He will find her and save her. She just has to wait for him. Then Agus snatches the hand radio and tosses it out the window, though not before telling Shi-jin that he will see him soon.

Shi-jin goes to the military headquarters to explain the situation to his unhappy lieutenant. The lieutenant refuses to let Shi-jin go after Agus, but Shi-jin tearfully insists. He will go even if he has to go alone. The lieutenant does not want to listen to him. He has the Chief of Foreign Affairs waiting on the phone. He takes the call on speaker phone and tries to suggest that the situation does not involve hostages. Shi-jin cuts into the conversation and says that there is a hostage and they don’t have time to wait.

The chief is not going to let things get out of control. He reminds Shi-jin that he cut them slack with their disobedience surrounding the Arab leader, but the bigger national picture is more important than one life. Disgusted, Shi-jin tells the chief that a nation that doesn’t care about the life of one of its citizens has a problem. Shi-jin doesn’t know where the chief’s homeland is, but he is going to serve his.

The lieutenant orders the soldiers to stop Shi-jin from leaving. They close the gate in front of his car. Shi-jin casually asks if that gate is very sturdy. He has already wrecked a few cars. Before he can wreck another, a soldier rushes up with a phone call from Myung-joo’s father. The commander gives Shi-jin a three-hour window. For three hours, his whereabouts will be unknown. He will not be a part of the Korean Army. He will not be a member of Alpha Team, nor will he be the commander of the Urk base. Shi-jin has three hours to rescue Mo-yeon.

Shi-jin goes back to the base to inquire about Myung-joo’s condition. Over the radio, he tells Dae-young that he will be leaving for a bit and apologizes for not seeing him first. Then he swaps his uniform out for black clothes and picks up guns from the bar in town, where Ye-hwa purchased a gun early on in the series.

Meanwhile, Mo-yeon faces her reality as a hostage. Agus can’t hide behind his sleazy charm. When Mo-yeon tells him that she is not worth much as a hostage, he strikes her and angrily reminds her to speak English. Agus takes his gun and holds it to her head, reminding her that he is a nice guy. Then he tells her that “Big Boss” may be smart, funny and mysterious, but he also has a lot of secrets. He will disappear and become hard to contact. Then one day, he will never come back. Agus advises her to break up with him now.

Back at the base, Dae-young can’t reach Shi-jin or Mo-yeon. He knows something is wrong when he sees that Shi-jin has left his uniform behind. Shi-jin will not need it where he is going. He will need a helicopter, however, and calls in a favor from the bodyguard who was with the Arab leader. Just as we saw in the very first episode, Shi-jin has a date he can’t miss.

What will happen when Shi-jin finds Agus and Mo-yeon? Find out in the next episode, available now on DramaFever.


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