Warning: Potential spoilers ahead.

It’s time to say goodbye.

At the end of episode 11, Shi-jin strikes out on his own to rescue Mo-yeon from Agus. He left his uniform, tags and weapon behind, intending to operate without support. Dae-young and the other soldiers know something is wrong. Shi-jin is not answering their calls, and they have lost contact with Mo-yeon. They suspect she has been kidnapped. In that moment they realize what Shi-jin has planned.

Dae-young will not let his friend go alone. He visits Myung-joo in recovery and explains the situation to her. He asks her if he can open his gift. When she inquires what he means, he tenderly kisses her on the forehead and leaves his military tags with her.

Dae-young reassembles the members of the elite Alpha Team. He tells them that they will be operating out of uniform to support Shi-jin and rescue Mo-yeon. It is possible that not all of them will make it back alive, and he gives each man the opportunity to back out. None do.

Meanwhile, Shi-jin is busy infiltrating Agus’ hideout. Dressed in all black, he uses his impressive skill to scale the walls, disarm the guards and shoot out cameras. His mission hits a roadblock when he discovers that the remaining children who went missing from the phantom village are being held there.

Agus has completed the deal for weapons with North Urk. Gleefully, he dances his way over to a hidden safe full of money and diamonds while Mo-yeon watches. When his right-hand man asks what should be done with the kids, Agus tells him to dump everything that won’t fit in a suitcase. Shi-jin is not going to take kindly to that.

He is waiting for them with a smoke grenade and a gun. The following fight scene unfolds in a tight hallway. Ruthlessly, he guns them down until one man takes a child hostage. Shi-jin drops his gun moments before the man drops like a stone. Members of Alpha Team have taken him down. Their arrival shocks Shi-jin, but he is grateful. He begins giving orders as “Big Boss” to “Wolf,” “Harry Potter,” “Piccolo” and “Snoopy.” This is the first time they have been together as the Alpha Team since the beginning of the series. Under Shi-jin’s command, they begin operations to rescue the children, take down Agus and save Mo-yeon.

Back in Korea, the leaders of the Blue House press Lt. General Yoon. He explains that the operation taking place in Urk was not sanctioned. It is suggested that the rescue should have been left up to the U.S. Army. Korean military interference could lead to a diplomatic mess. Those in charge seem more concerned about politics and saving face. Lt. General Yoon puts his foot down; he is done playing nice. He states that to the soldiers, the life of a Korean national is national security. They are willing to lay their lives down for Korea and the Korean people. He says that he will take full responsibility, though that may mean taking off his uniform.

Back in Urk, the medical team questions Myung-joo about what is really going on. Was Mo-yeon really kidnapped? Will Shi-jin rescue her? She tells them not to worry. Shi-jin will rescue her, but she warns them that they may not want to know what methods he will use.

Whatever Shi-jin has planned, he will need to act quickly. In the previous episode, Agus told Shi-jin that he must secure a way for him to safely leave the country if he wants Mo-yeon to live. It’s time to see if Shi-jin followed through. Taking the money, Agus has his men untie Mo-yeon so that she can get “dressed up.”

Shi-jin is waiting for them in the hall. He tells Agus that he kept his word and it is time to let Mo-yeon go. Agus brings her out and reveals that she has been dressed in a bomb vest. Agus holds the trigger, but the vest is also fitted with a running clock. If he lets go of the trigger, the vest will explode. If time runs out, the vest will explode. Dae-young watches through the scope of a sniper rifle, and the Alpha Team waits on Shi-jin’s order. The helicopter that Shi-jin requested from the Arab Nation hovers in the night sky. It is Agus’ only way out.

Shi-jin refuses to let it land until Mo-yeon is freed. Snoopy, the bomb expert, comes to Shi-jin’s side. He can diffuse the vest, but they need more time. Shi-jin makes it clear that he won’t tolerate any harm coming to Mo-yeon. When Agus points his gun at Mo-yeon’s head, he shoots it right out of his hand. Then he offers himself in her place. Agus isn’t interested.

When Snoopy points out a green light on the shoulder of the vest, Shi-jin knows what he has to do. He apologizes to Mo-yeon for being late and tells her not to move. Then he aims his gun at her and fires. The bullet grazes her shoulder and destroys the green light. In an instant, the entire hallway erupts into gunfire. The Alpha Team shoots down Agus’ men, and Agus falls, seemingly shot by Shi-jin.

When the dust settles, they work on disarming the vest. Shi-jin comforts Mo-yeon, insisting she won’t die even as the clock ticks down. Snoopy manages to free her from the vest and throws it out the window just as it explodes.

That is when we see that Agus is still alive. He grabs a gun and shoots at Mo-yeon. Shi-jin blocks the bullet meant for her with his own body. Then he holds her close and covers her eyes. Shi-jin quietly tells her to “forget about this.” With tears in his own eyes, he guns Agus down until his former friend and comrade sinks to the floor in a pool of blood and money.

Shi-jin, Mo-yeon and the rest of Alpha Team make it out alive. News of the successful rescue makes it back to Korea. Lt. General Yoon commends Shi-jin and the rest of team, assuring Shi-jin that they will not be disciplined. His decision to be lenient with the team does not go over well. He meets with the same group of politicians and leaders from the Blue House. The general is fully prepared to accept responsibility. However, it turns out he will not have to. The president himself interrupts the meeting. He states that with a safe hostage, the only remaining problems are with policy and diplomacy. Therefore, the responsibility falls to him. The president bows to Lt. General Yoon, thanking him for seeing to the citizens’ rescue and for returning everyone safely.

Back in Urk, Myung-joo has been waiting for Dae-young’s return. He walks back to meet her in the infirmary. When he sees her, she is already on her feet and rushes into his waiting arms, relieved to the point of tears.

Meanwhile, Shi-jin sheds tears of his own. Mo-yeon is on her way to have her shoulder treated. She finds him sitting outside, but she does not want to approach him. He is looking at a photograph, later revealed to be one of him and Agus, and he weeps quietly as he sets it on fire.

The next day, things seem to go back to normal. The ladies happily watch while the soldiers take their morning shirtless run, but Dr. Song has had enough. He stops Dae-young and demands to know how he can let such a harmful thing go on. Perhaps Dr. Song is jealous of the attention Nurse Ah gives to the soldiers?

Shi-jin and Mo-yeon have a more difficult question to answer. Mo-yeon asks him about the lies he has told her. From the very first episode, Shi-jin has been lying to hide the dangerous truth. Mo-yeon calls him out. She tearfully tells him that she wants to talk about the small things in life, but she can’t discuss things with a man whose lies can mean the difference between life and death. She fears that there will be nothing for them to talk about in the end. Shi-jin asks if she wants to break up. Mo-yeon hesitates before telling him that she wonders if she can handle a man like him.

Shi-jin says one last farewell to Agus as his body is flown out of Urk. Mo-yeon and the doctors say goodbye to Urk. They make their last medical rounds. Myung-joo is recovering well. Being in a hospital bed does not stop her from instructing Mo-yeon on how to care for her shoulder. Chief Manager Jin Young-soo is recovering as well. He does not receive much sympathy from the team. Even in the state he is in, he has the nerve to mutter about his diamonds. Mo-yeon flatly tells him that they were turned over to the U.S. military and he will never see them again. It certainly serves him right.

Kang has recovered as well. When Chi-hoon‘s test results come in and reveal that he did not contract the virus Young-soo had after Young-soo bit him, Kang asks if he can deliver the results. Chi-hoon is overjoyed when he learns that he isn’t dying. Kang casually agrees that he is also glad. It is his small way of forgiving Chi-hoon. We see that Chi-hoon’s spirits are immediately lifted and he returns to his old self.

He meets the nameless boy again and, as a parting gift, gives him a pair of pricey and rare shoes. The language barrier becomes an adorable problem. The boy is not impressed with the shoes. He says that he wants a goat instead so he can raise it. Chi-hoon assumes the boy is thanking him and prattles on, believing the Urk word for “goat” is the boy’s name. Yes, Chi-hoon is most certainly back to normal.

As for Mo-yeon and Shi-jin, the question of whether or not they should break up still hangs in the air. Mo-yeon is thinking back to when she saw Shi-jin cry over the photo. She decides to ask Shi-jin to make coffee and meet her outside. He brings the coffee out and offers her a cup, but instead of taking it, she hugs him. Mo-yeon begins to tell him about how her day went. Then she explains that he will have to learn to deal with her chatting about trivial matters, and she will accept who he is. In return, he must allow her to be insecure. She needs him to understand that she will worry when he goes on dangerous missions. Even if he can’t tell her about it, she doesn’t want him to make it a joke.

Mo-yeon has one last question for him: Is it her or the homeland? Shi-jin smiles and says that for now, it is her.

Dae-young checks on Myung-joo in the recovery ward. Her sense of humor and appetite have returned, much to Dae-young’s relief. She tells him that she loves him.

Later that night, Dae-young and Shi-jin want to treat their girlfriends, so they decide to make dinner for them. Their lack of skill in the kitchen seems to cause Ki-bum, who has come to teach them to cook, a great deal of distress. Still, the two soldiers give it their best shot. The dinner is a success, though the two ladies immediately assume Ki-bum did the cooking. The dish reminds Mo-yeon and Myung-joo of a man they were both once interested in. They bicker about the relationship without taking their audience into account. Shi-jin and Dae-young are not pleased. In the previous episode, they were given a hard time about taking a photo with two pretty flight attendants while Mo-yeon and Myung-joo seem to have had some relationships of their own. The two men whip off their aprons and stalk away, quietly discussing how they will deal with that man if they ever get a hold of him.

Mo-yeon later finds Shi-jin and reminds him that despite all of the dangerous things that have happened, he is still the one she likes. They have one more matter to attend to before leaving Urk. Fatima needs a guardian. Daniel and Ye-hwa are on the move too often, so Shi-jin suggests the bartender that Ye-hwa purchased a gun from earlier in the series. The bartender has become a friend to them and agrees to be Fatima’s guardian. Fatima thanks Mo-yeon and promises to stay safe.

Shi-jin and Mo-yeon share one last moment in Urk together on a terrace overlooking the beautiful city. He gives her the stone from the beach where they had their first date in Urk. According to the local legend, anyone who takes a stone from that beach will be able to return. Shi-jin has been carrying it with him ever since he took Mo-yeon there. The scene ends with a kiss and a beautiful sunset.

The next day, the ladies are watching the soldiers take their morning jog one last time. They are shocked to see a new member has joined the group. Dr. Song leads the pack and puts on a show just for Nurse Ah. Will those feelings last when they return to Korea?

All too soon, it is time for the medical group to leave. They pack their things and take one last photo in front of the medical cube with the soldiers. Next, we see them in Korea, preparing for their first day back at the hospital.

Will the doctors really be able to return to their normal lives? Find out in the next episode, available now on DramaFever.


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