Tragedy strikes close to home.

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead.

Episode 13 opens with Mo-yeon returning to work at the hospital in Korea with the rest of her team. They are all excited to be home, but it may take some time to adjust after being in Urk for so long.

They walk into the hospital where Director Han greets them with a large banner praising their hard work and triumphant return. Director Han is the Haesung Hospital CEO that attempted to put the moves on Mo-yeon back in episode two. She refused him and even hit him with her bag to make her point. As revenge, Director Han volunteered Mo-yeon and her team for the trip to Urk.

Director Han ignores Dr. Song‘s enthusiastic greeting and stalks up to Mo-yeon, shoving a bouquet of flowers in her face. He makes a show of complaining about how concerned he was when she too refused to return home as instructed. Mo-yeon does not spare him any sympathy. She is more excited to reunite with her close friend, Dr. Pyo, and tell her all about her adventures in Urk.

She still has plans to quit her job at the hospital and open her own clinic. She calls Shi-jin, who stayed behind in Urk, to talk about her plan. She playfully asks if he will provide for her if she goes broke. In response, Shi-jin pretends that his cell phone signal is going out. Then he tells her that he won’t let her go broke. He will secure her a position on Alpha Team. After all, she already has more field experience than most soldiers.

Mo-yeon takes that boost of confidence and goes up to Director Han’s office with her resignation letter. He is waiting for her with a less-than-sincere apology about his behavior in the hotel that he took her to at the beginning of the series. Mo-yeon is not impressed. She addresses him informally and reminds him that she promised to turn in her resignation as soon as she returned from Urk. She slaps down the letter. Then she coolly states that she wants him to accept it within a week. Mo-yeon leaves with her head held high.

Unfortunately, Mo-yeon’s confidence takes a blow when she gets to the bank. The  loan she requested for her clinic has been denied. Shocked, she asks the banker, played by Yoo Ah-in, why her paperwork was suddenly rejected. He offers a bland apology and explains that when she requested the loan, she was a doctor at Haesung Hospital and director of the VIP ward. Now, she is only a doctor wanting to open a new office. Essentially, she is unemployed. Mo-yeon is horrified to realize that she can’t get her loan for a new clinic unless she has her old job at the hospital. The banker is not sympathetic.

Back in Urk, Myung-joo is still recovering from her close brush with death after contracting a terrible illness. Dae-young sits faithfully by her side. The beginning of their conversation seems to suggest that Dae-young has asked her about opening up her own clinic. He only wants her to live comfortably. Myung-joo responds that complicated surgeries are not what a soldier needs. She is good at being both a soldier and a doctor. If she were to leave the army, it would be a national loss. She playfully asks Dae-young if he agrees. He does with a smile and takes her hand just as Shi-jin interrupts.

He has a message to deliver to Myung-joo: a transfer order. She will be returning to Korea with Dae-young. Myung-joo is startled; she asks if the order came from her father. Offended, Shi-jin replies he made the arrangements himself. Both Myung-joo and Dae-young are incredibly skeptical. Dae-young takes the transfer order to read it for himself. Myung-joo wants to know how he can take care of such a thing when he can’t even take care of himself. Shi-jin suggests he can prove it by canceling the order, but Dae-young snatches the paperwork when he reaches for it.

In a flashback, we see Shi-jin casually manipulating Lt. Colonel Park into approving the order. He brings up the fact that Park suggested Myung-joo be sent to a U.S. Army hospital rather than back to Korea when she was incredibly ill. He muses that Myung-joo will not be pleased when she hears about that. The threat worked.

Shi-jin still looks smug over his triumph. That is, until he answers his phone and hears Mo-yeon cry for help. His face immediately sobers. He asks her what has happened … and Mo-yeon begins to whine about the rejection of the loan she applied for. Shi-jin is visibly relieved. He scolds her for quitting her job before she signed the loan papers. He asks her why she didn’t think it through. Mo-yeon snaps at him and hangs up the phone.

Mo-yeon has more embarrassment to swallow. She takes flowers to Director Han’s office. She gives a lovely speech about her years with the hospital. Unfortunately, he knows about her loan. He demotes her from the VIP ward and assigns her to the emergency room, claiming that she isn’t the only one with pride. She will be working mostly nights and will be the surgeon on call. Mo-yeon has no choice but to accept. She begins her work in the ER right away.

Chi-hoon has been away from Dr. Jang for months. We see the two of them sitting together at her prenatal checkup with big smiles on their faces. Their baby, a boy, is healthy and due in a mere ten days. The doctor tactfully reminds them that though they must be glad to see each other, it would be best to refrain from certain … activities until after the baby is born. The two parents-to-be give the doctor a startled look. When she asks why they haven’t answered her, they share a guilty glances.

Mo-yeon continues to adjust to life back at the hospital. During the beginning of the series, she lost the position she wanted to a snarky rival surgeon. Viewers may recall the hair-pulling match that resulted. The same woman, Dr. Kim, does her best to get under Mo-yeon’s skin again. She pesters Mo-yeon in the cafeteria, inquiring about getting fired from the VIP ward. She also tries to pry into the rumors floating around the hospital about Mo-yeon’s romantic life. Mo-yeon’s time volunteering in Urk has given her a new perspective. She does not get angry, though Dr. Kim manages to offend the entire medical team when she rudely accuses them of only taking pictures and giving out vaccines.

In the next scene, we see Dr. Song and Nurse Ah taking a break on the roof. She mentions depositing money into an account and asks him to subtract it from her balance. Dr. Song pretends to be unconcerned with the money. It turns out Nurse Ah has children, and Dr. Song invested in her daughter’s tuition. Grateful, Nurse Ah promises that she will pay him back in full. However, Dr. Song looks a bit disappointed when she leaves.

Back in Urk, we see Dae-young sitting alone outside, thinking back to the choice Myung-joo’s father gave him. He must take off his uniform if he wants to be with her, and he must make his choice by the time he returns to Korea. Myung-joo joins him, and when he asks why she isn’t resting, she claims the patient ward is boring. Her answer is not good enough for Dae-young. He physically picks her up and sits her down, sweetly fussing over her, even going as far as to stand and block the sun from her eyes. Myung-joo comments that anyone watching would think he likes her a lot.

Dae-young responds that he loves her. Immediately, Myung-joo asks if they are breaking up because of his past pattern of loving her and then running away. Dae-young shakes his head; he loves her and will not be breaking up with her.

Dae-young returns to Korea with Shi-jin and the other members of Alpha Team. They will have a few days to themselves for vacation. We briefly see Dae-young filling out military discharge papers. In the next scene, we see him sitting in a restaurant with Shi-jin. They plan on drinking their vacation away — three straight days with no sleep. Dae-young opens the first bottle of soju, and the two friends get started.

Many, many bottles later, they are still going strong. A tipsy Shi-jin stares at his phone, whispering that no one answered his calls. However, Sergeant Choi did answer and has joined them for drinks. Shi-jin doesn’t care. He is too busy breaking down in adorable tears over his phone.

By the time Mo-yeon arrives, Shi-jin and Dae-young are fairly hammered and quite sleepy. Myung-joo has joined them, and she doesn’t seem particularly concerned. Mo-yeon complains that she didn’t want her reunion with Shi-jin to turn out that way, perhaps referring to his intoxicated state. When Myung-joo gets up to leave, Mo-yoen quickly asks why she isn’t taking Dae-young with her. Myung-joo explains that she is not on break and must go back to the base. Dae-young is in no condition to go with her.

As Myung-joo leaves, Shi-jin leans over and whispers to Dae-young about how pretty he thinks the new girl. He is talking about Mo-yeon but is too drunk to recognize her. Dae-young, referring to Myung-joo, states that he thinks the girl that just left is prettier. Shi-jin disagrees. “The new girl is much prettier,” he says, “though she keeps staring at me.” Mo-yeon watches the exchange in disbelief. Surely, they can’t keep drinking.

They can. In the next scene, soldiers from Urk have joined them for another night of rowdy drinking. Shi-jin and Dae-young are barely holding it together the next morning, though they make for a couple of precious drunks. Their heads droop over their table, now littered with empty bottles, and they accuse one another of falling asleep. Mo-yeon returns, and she does not look impressed. Dr. Song has joined the boys as well. He looks a bit worse for wear and admits that keeping up is not easy.

Giggling, Shi-jin tells Dae-young that the pretty girl from the day before is there again. He says that he will try to talk to her and looks startled when it seems that she knows him. Dr. Song reminds him that Mo-yeon is his girlfriend, and Shi-jin looks as though he’s just won the lottery. It’s hard to get mad at someone so cute. Mo-yeon sighs in resignation and takes a shot of soju.

Apparently, she does not stop with one. The scene jumps to later that night, and we see Shi-jin struggling to get a drunken Mo-yeon into her house. He appears to have sobered up a bit. He manages to plop her on the couch and get her shoes off. Mo-yeon proves to be a hilarious drunk. She begins jumping up and down on the couch, going on about chicken and beer until Shi-jin suddenly puts a hand over her mouth. He heard a noise coming from her kitchen. He cautiously approaches, ready to fight off an intruder … only to discover Mo-yeon’s mother.

Luckily for them, Mo-yeon’s mother is a good sport. She seems genuinely pleased to meet Shi-jin, who acts like a perfect gentleman. She sits with Mo-yeon in the kitchen while Shi-jin stands nearby, hands clasped behind his back. She does not mind that Shi-jin is a soldier. In fact, she teases him for standing in front of her like he is guilty of something. When Shi-jin insists that he hasn’t done anything, she asks why not, and he fumbles himself into an embarrassing corner. Again, Mo-yeon’s mother laughs. She says that Shi-jin is very innocent, just like Mo-yeon. Her daughter hisses at her mother, telling her that she is going to mess up her (romantic) chances.

Shi-jin prepares to leave, but Mo-yeon’s mother offers to leave first, stating that she “isn’t old-fashioned.” Shi-jin replies that he is old-fashioned and promises to greet her properly next time. The next day, he and Mo-yeon meet for lunch. Of course, they’re interrupted by a phone call. Shi-jin has a dangerous assignment. Instead of becoming upset, Mo-yeon simply asks if he would like to see a movie with her when he comes back. Shi-jin smiles and agrees.

He and Dae-young have been assigned to a security mission for the Blue House. We see them at the National Intelligence Service, looking incredibly sharp and dangerous in snazzy black suits. James Bond would be proud. The two men join the other members of Alpha Team for their mission briefing. They are given guns, radios and, oddly enough, poisonous ink pens. The team has been tasked as security detail for a meeting between a North Korean representative and a South Korean representative.

While the meeting takes place, Shi-jin stands guard outside next to a North Korean agent. It is the same man he fought and who stabbed him during the opening fight scene in the first episode. The two have a friendly chat despite what went on during their last encounter. The North Korean agent says it is lucky they are facing the same direction. For soldiers facing the same direction “is a truce and peace.”

The first phase of his assignment goes well, and Shi-jin goes to visit Mo-yeon at the hospital. He and Director Han are in the same elevator when the director asks his assistant if he was able to dig up any dirt on Mo-yeon’s boyfriend. The assistant has a photograph of the team from Urk and discovered that her boyfriend is Special Forces, but he found nothing else. Neither man realizes that Mo-yeon’s boyfriend is standing right behind them. Shi-jin leans over their shoulders to study the photo and then points to himself in the picture, explaining that “this person” is Mo-yeon’s boyfriend. It takes the jealous director a moment to realize that the man in the photo and the man in the elevator are the same. He chases after Shi-jin and asks if he fights well. Shi-jin smiles and says that he heard Director Han took Mo-yeon to a hotel. He tells Director Han to be careful. Then he leans in and whispers that he fights very well.

Mo-yeon is finishing up her duties for the evening. Dr. Kim tries to dump some of her work on her, but she firmly refuses. Her face brightens when Shi-jin approaches, and she asks if he is done with the “department store,” which is their code word for a dangerous mission. Dr. Kim wastes no time butting right in. She puts on a smile and bats her eyes at Shi-jin, asking for an introduction. Shi-jin manages to introduce himself as Mo-yeon’s boyfriend before Mo-yeon all but drags him away.

They head off to meet Dae-young and Myung-joo. While they are walking, Shi-jin stops to give Mo-yeon a present — a beautiful necklace. The two couples meet up for coffee. Dae-young has his own present for Myung-joo, who has been looking through his phone for pictures of herself but, oddly enough, finds pictures of taxis instead. He explains that he does not know how to date. Whenever they would go out together, he would drink so he would have to send her home in a taxi. The pictures Myung-joo found are of the taxis he sent her home in. Even though he deleted the pictures of her when they first broke up, he could not delete those.

Myung-joo is touched. After the double date ends, the two share a romantic moment while he is driving her home in his fancy new car. Unlike a taxi, Dae-young’s car can drive itself. His hands are free to hold on to Myung-joo when he gives her a bone-melting kiss.

Unfortunately, things are not so warm the next day. Dae-young goes to Myung-joo’s father to discuss his discharge. Myung-joo is already there. When General Yoon refers to Dae-young’s discharge request, she is shocked and furious. Earlier in the series, she had asked her father to promise that he would not make Dae-young turn in his uniform. Dae-young did not know that Myung-joo had heard her father give him an ultimatum. He also didn’t know that she had begged her father. Dae-young insists that the decision was his own and he’s not concerned with the promises they made to each other.

Myung-joo storms out and he follows. She demands to know how he could do such a thing to her. Dae-young explains that he made the choice so that he would not have to break up with her. The decision was not easy for him. She says that it was not easy for her to be so shameless and ask her father for such a promise while her own life was on the line. Dae-young yells at her, asking why she did it at all. They both have tears in their eyes. He laments they must see each other as fools. He wants Myung-joo’s father to accept him for who he is rather than simply because Myung-joo loves him.

However, if the commander’s permission is only to fulfill her dying wish, Dae-young won’t “start” with her. Is he ending their relationship because Myung-joo’s father only approved of him to grant her wish when he thought she was dying? Myung-joo says they should break up and tells Dae-young to be happy on his own. Then she walks away from him and does not look back.

Mo-yeon and Shi-jin are having an easier time. They almost make it through their movie date before work calls Mo-yeon away. They promise to make it up later, though given their track record, that’s easier said than done. Shi-jin is back on security detail for the second part of the North-South Korean meeting. The teams are rehearsing a security drill in the parking lot when he notices Dae-young acting strangely. He is scarfing down a candy bar all by himself, his second one, and he tells Shi-jin that he thinks he is depressed. Shi-jin is surprised when Dae-young explains that he and Myung-joo have split up. Before Dae-young can elaborate, a dark figure approaches them.

It is the North Korean soldier.

The scene jumps to the hospital. Mo-yeon and her team hurry outside to meet an ambulance with man that has been shot. They wheel out the North Korean soldier first, bloody and unconscious. Dr. Song rushes him inside as another patient arrives. The doors of the second ambulance open, and Mo-yeon reels back in horror.

Shi-jin is lying on the gurney inside, and he is covered in blood.

What happened between Shi-jin and the North Korean soldier? Find out on the next episode, available now on DramaFever.


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