If things were not complicated before, they certainly are now.

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead.

Episode 13 ended with Mo-yeon making a horrible discovery. Shi-jin has been shot and arrives at the hospital bloody and unconscious. Episode 14 opens with Mo-yeon and a team of doctors rushing him into the ER. She tearfully pleads with Shi-jin to open his eyes and asks if he can hear her voice.

In the previous episode, we saw North Korean agent Ahn Jeong-joon rushing toward Shi-jin and Dae-young in a parking garage. You may recall their violent encounter from episode one. However, the episode flashes back to the parking garage, and we learn that Jeong-joon did not have violent intentions. When he approaches Shi-jin and Dae-young he cryptically says that he “can’t trust his own and came to see a friend.” Then he asks to be sent back to North Korea, but he is suddenly gunned down before he can explain. Masked men in a van speed up and drag the agent inside. Shi-jin and Dae-young exchange fire with the masked men and attempt to keep the van from getting away. Shi-jin gives chase, smoothly leaping over cars. He shoots out a fire extinguisher on a nearby wall and manages to blind the driver of the van with the smoke.

The car crashes … but not before the assailants manage to shoot Shi-jin. He collapses on the concrete, as feathers from the car’s airbag come floating down around him. The last thing he sees is Dae-young and the other soldiers rushing toward him.

The scene jumps back to Shi-jin and Mo-yeon in the ER. Suddenly, Shi-jin’s heart has stopped and he goes into cardiac arrest. Mo-yeon shocks him twice with the defibrillator, but his pulse does not return. Sobbing, she collapses on his chest and begs him not to die.

Shi-jin responds by letting her know that she’s hurting him. His heart is beating again, and he’s conscious. Mo-yeon looks ready to fall apart, but Jeong-joon is the first person he asks about. Instead of worrying about himself or Mo-yeon, he sits up and asks where the hospital has taken the man that came in before him.

Jeong-joon is wreaking havoc in the ER. He has taken Nurse Ha hostage and threatens the doctors with a scalpel, demanding they let him go. Nurse Ha warns him that he has lost too much blood. He does not trust South Korean doctors to work on him. However, he has no choice. He collapses, and the doctors prepare to take him to the OR. Shi-jin stops Mo-yeon and asks her to perform the operation herself. She and Dr. Song manage to remove the bullets, but Mo-yeon discovers something strange. Jeong-joon has a fresh wound and stitches on his arm. She and Dr. Song probe further. Could there be something inside his arm?

Back at the scene of the shooting, we see Dae-young briefing Lt. Colonel Park on the incident. We learn that Jeong-joon’s pursuers were officers from the Embassy of Matovonia, another fictional country. They claim that they were pursing Jeong-joon because he forged a Matovonian passport to sneak into South Korea. Something does not add up. Dae-young wonders why authorities would pursue a forged passport like this.

Jeong-joon survives the surgery. Shi-jin is relieved to hear this, but he receives a firm scolding from Mo-yeon. She is not happy that he didn’t show any concern for himself or for her after she watched him die right before her eyes. She tells him to get better so that she can kill him. Then she begins to hand over what she found inside of Jeong-joon’s arm during surgery — a microchip. Before she can do so, Jeong-joon’s hospital bed is wheeled into Shi-jin’s room. Dae-young walks in and explains that the military will be taking over the room. Later, Mo-yeon speaks to Dae-young in private and gives him the microchip.

The hospital is buzzing with rumors about the North Korean patient. Dr. Kim wonders if they can treat someone from North Korea. Chi-hoon replies that they took an oath. They will treat him just the same as any other patient. Dr. Song comes rushing up, yelling Nurse Ha’s name. He grabs her and demands to know whether or not she is all right after being held captive. He is understandably startled to learn that he operated on the very man that took her hostage.

The doctors curiously poke through the items that came in with Jeong-joon. Chi-hoon notes the pen among the items does not work. Dr. Song goes to lick the tip of the pen to make it write, only for Dae-young to stop him. He whispers that the pen is poisonous. Realizing that he nearly died, Dr. Song dramatically “faints” onto Nurse Ha.

Meanwhile, Director Han is making a fuss over the presence of the soldiers in the hospital. He demands to be let into Shi-jin’s room. He is repeatedly denied. Inside the room, Shi-jin is interviewing Jeong-joon. He asks him about his orders, his mission and whether or not he is seeking asylum. Shi-jin does not get a response, which leaves Lt. Colonel Park frustrated.

The room has been bugged, and the military is listening in twenty-four seven. Dae-young gives them the microchip, which they take to analyze. Meanwhile, Lt. Colonel Park grows antsy. He wants to know what is being said in the room. Unfortunately, Shi-jin is the only one talking. He is going on about buckwheat noodles, a dish that Jeong-joon treated him to during the first part of the North-South Korean meeting. Lt. Colonel Park begins sputtering in anger, and it appears that he is going to lose his cool. He manages to hold it together long enough to answer a call from the leader of the Blue House. He learns that the North Korean rep is ahead of schedule and has already arrived in Seoul. North Korea wants Jeong-joon returned. Their meeting will take place the next day.

Dae-young and the team pull together what they know about Jeong-joon. He is wanted for a murder in Japan. Lee Seok-jin, the second North Korean soldier that we saw fighting with Dae-young and Shi-jin in episode one, shot a man who was going to testify against the Yakuza . Seok-jin was killed immediately afterward. His death suggests that he was killed with poison, not unlike what would be found in Jeong-joon’s ink pen. Again, something does not add up. Why would Jeong-joon kill his comrade? Why does his comrade have Yakuza ties?

Shi-jin and Dae-young sit down to discuss their options. Unfortunately, they need to know what is on the microchip before they can make their first move. The chip is in the military’s hands, and Shi-jin knows that it will be next to impossible to get it back. Luckily for them, Dae-young made a copy.

Shi-jin covertly asks Mo-yeon to find him a place where he can speak to Jeong-joon without being bugged. She gets them 10 minutes alone in the CT scanner room. There, Shi-jin gives Jeong-joon a chance to explain himself and says he wants to help. He asks why he killed Soek-jin, his own comrade. Jeong-joon asks for the microchip back, and Shi-jin gives him the copy. Then he finally gives Shi-jin the truth.

Members of the North Korean Republic who have finished their Special Forces training are working as mercenaries. His mission was to track them down and punish them while finding evidence behind who has been hiring them out. Shi-jin asks if he found out who is responsible. Jeong-joon tells him that the information is on the microchip. Then he swallows it and says that “the Republic will take care of its own business.” Shi-jin tells him that he will be transferred back to the North the next day.

After the meeting, Shi-jin takes Mo-yeon to a quiet, unbugged stairwell and thanks her for her help. She had been referring to Jeong-joon as Senior Lieutenant Ahn, and Shi-jin tells her that his real name is Ahn Jeong-joon. He wants someone to remember that name.

Meanwhile, Jeong-joon has been sedated. He should sleep for several hours, but that is not the case. Once he is alone, he uses his IV needle to pick the lock on his handcuffs. Then he barricades himself in the room and proceeds to bust out a window. He climbs out and breaks into a window on another floor, but Shi-jin is waiting for him with a gun in hand. He speculates that Jeong-joon’s homeland has betrayed him and that is why he came to Shi-jin in the first place. They have the same enemy.

Jeong-joon takes the gun and aims it at his own heart, stating that a true soldier never betrays his homeland. In a flashback, we see him taking a cell phone from Seok-jin after killing him. The cell phone rings, and Jeong-joon answers it. On the other line, he hears the voice of his own chief asking who survived. The chief was the one to betray his own and has put the blame on Jeong-joon. That same chief is the representative meeting with South Korea.

Jeong-joon asks Shi-jin to do him a favor and let him go. He must put the mission to rest. Shi-jin refuses and says that Jeong-joon will be killed as a traitor of he returns to Korea. Jeong-joon insists. If he is going to die, he wants to die in his home country. Shi-jin jerks the gun away from Jeong-joon’s heart and points it back at his head. He tells the other man that he too is a soldier with orders. He can’t let him go.

In the next scene, we see Jeong-joon traveling with the military to be handed over to North Korea. He is holding a chocolate treat that Shi-jin gave him as a parting gift. Back at the hospital, Mo-yeon questions Shi-jin about the windows Jeong-joon broke. She isn’t giving him any sympathy even though he is a patient. She warns him not to try running away. Of course, Shi-jin rips his IV out as soon as she leaves and does just that.

Meanwhile, Dr. Pyo and Dr. Jang are discussing Dr. Jang’s rapidly approaching due date. Dr. Kim butts in, rudely commenting on the size of Dr. Jang’s belly. She even tells Dr. Pyo, who is in a wheelchair, to wear a hospital gown so that people can tell whether she is a real doctor or a patient. Dr. Jang suddenly grabs hold of Dr. Kim’s hair and yanks hard. Her water has broken and she is in labor. She collapses into a chair, clearly in pain, and takes Dr. Kim with her by the hair. Instead of telling Dr. Jang to let go of Dr. Kim’s hair, Dr. Pyo encourages her to use more strength. Fighting!

Mo-yeon is trying to sort out the matter of who to bill for the broken windows. Director Han has informed hospital administration that she should pay for them because Shi-jin is her patient. It does not appear that she can talk her way out of it. Chi-hoon is with her when his phone rings, and he receives news that his baby is on the way. While he hurries off to be with Dr. Jang, Mo-yeon uses the excuse to scurry off as well … in the opposite direction.

Meanwhile, Jeong-joon is in North Korea’s custody. He meets with Chief Choi Ji-ho, who is due to meet with the South Korean representative soon. He knows that Jeong-joon is aware of the truth and has swallowed the microchip that contains the evidence against him. He has no intention of letting Jeong-joon go. Ji-ho throws back a curtain, and the red dot of a sniper’s gun appears over Jeong-joon’s heart.

He gives Jeong-joon the chance to make a last request. Jeong-joon only asks that a bowl of buckwheat noodles, ones from the hotel where he had lunch with Shi-jin, be placed on his grave. Then he declares that he will perform his last duty — executing Ji-ho, a traitor. Jeong-joon grabs a bottle off a nearby table and breaks it, charging at Ji-ho to stab him with it.

However, a bullet pierces the window behind Ji-ho, and Jeong-joon collapses to the floor, lifeless. Ji-ho goes on to the summit and meets with the politician from the Blue House, who reveals that they have uncovered his betrayal and the money he made selling out his subordinates. Ji-ho storms out, but North Korean agents stop him. They have orders to send him back to North Korea along with Jeong-joon. Ji-ho is shocked. How can Jeong-joon be alive?

We learn that Alpha Team disarmed Ji-ho’s sniper, and Shi-jin, having snuck out of the hospital, was the one behind the rifle. He purposely shot Jeong-joon in a nonfatal spot. The treat Shi-jin gave him contained a hidden transmitter inside, which allowed Shi-jin to hear their conversation. Jeong-joon’s request for buckwheat noodles from the hotel was actually the password needed to crack the microchip.

Jeong-joon’s North Korean comrades collect him. He asks them to allow him a moment to eat his treat before they go. Knowing Shi-jin can hear him, Jeong-joon thanks him. He can go back to his country and die there as a soldier.

The tone of the episode lightens a bit when Shi-jin returns to the hospital. He must get back into bed before Mo-yeon realizes he was gone. Dae-young keeps watch while Shi-jin tries to get back into his hospital clothes. Unfortunately, they run out of time. Shi-jin jumps into bed to hide his street pants (he couldn’t get them off due to the cast on his arm) and pretends to be asleep while Dae-young poses with a book.

Dae-young lies and tells Mo-yeon that Shi-jin has just fallen asleep. They breathe a sigh of relief when she leaves, and then Dae-young starts helping Shi-jin get his pants off. Mo-yeon could not have picked a better time to come back in. Dae-young springs into the bed and hides under the covers, and Shi-jin hides his face behind Dae-young’s book. The two goofballs could not look more ridiculous. Mo-yeon reminds herself that she is at a disadvantage for trusting guys like them. She glares at them as she leaves, huffing in disapproval. Their plan to sneak in and out without being caught has failed miserably. Dae-young asks Shi-jin about his other problem — the matter of paying for the broken windows. Shi-jin suggests they go halves like real men, to which Dae-young responds that he is not manly. Then he brushes at his hair in a delightfully girly manner.

Mo-yeon sees Myung-joo in the hospital and stops to say hello. Myung-joo is there to visit Shi-jin. She knows Dae-young is there and claims that is why she hasn’t gone up to visit Shi-jin yet. She tells Mo-yeon that she and Dae-young split up and says he is now “someone who has nothing to do with her.” Mo-yeon is surprised at first and then sighs in understanding, referring to Shi-jin and Dae-young as “Dumb and Dumber.” Myung-joo finally goes up to visit Shi-jin. The mood is tense and frosty between her and Dae-young. They refuse to look at one another. Shi-jin does his best to ease the tension, calling out Dae-young on his girlishness. Myung-joo just agrees that they are “Dumb and Dumber” and then leaves.

Shi-jin wants to know why they broke up. Dae-young finally tells him that he filed for discharge. Shi-jin’s face goes blank in shock and then disbelief. Then he becomes upset, wanting to know why Dae-young decided such a thing by himself. Dae-young explains that it was the only choice he could make for Myung-joo and apologizes. Shi-jin tells him to go after her.

Dae-young finds Myung-joo in the hospital lobby, but he does not approach her. Instead, he stares longingly at her while Nurse Ha and Dr. Song watch. In the next scene, Dr. Song asks Nurse Ha to go car shopping with him. He claims that there is no point in saving his money when he could die in an earthquake one day. He wants to spend it on a car and asks Nurse Ha to choose one. She picks a lovely blue car, and Dr. Song teasingly asks if she likes him. She responds with a flat “yes.” Dr. Song continues his teasing for a moment longer until he realizes what she said. His shocked face is simply adorable.

Back at the hospital, Mo-yeon visits Shi-jin again. She asks him why he left. He says that he went to the roof for some air. However, he never said that it was the hospital rooftop. Mo-yeon asks if he had to go to the “department store,” which, as you’ll recall, is their code for a dangerous mission. She asks if he had to go with his “friend,” referring to Jeong-joon. Shi-jin’s face answers for him. He was able to protect the peace of the Korean peninsula but is now uncertain about a friend’s life.

He asks Mo-yeon to comfort him and offers her a spot beside him in the hospital bed. She opts to sleep on a cot next to him instead. Shi-jin thanks her for saving his life. Mo-yeon opens her eyes to ask why they are always thanking each other for such things. Normal couples give each other rides home and are thankful for anniversaries. Shi-jin apologizes. Mo-yeon tells him that if he is really sorry, he will never show up covered in blood again. He agrees and then asks her if she wants to watch a movie with him. Finally, they are able to watch one without interruption …

… but they fall asleep in each other’s arms before the ending.

Will they wake up to happiness? Find out in the next episode, available now on DramaFever.



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