If at first you don’t succeed, try again.

In episode two, Shi-jin and Mo-yeon discover that all really isn’t fair in love and war.

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead.

Episode one left off with our two main characters parting in spectacular, albeit bittersweet fashion. Unfortunately, high-flying feelings quickly come crashing back to earth when Shi-jin takes on the dangers of his duties, while Mo-yeon battles hospital politics and tension in the operating room.

The transitions and action scenes in this episode are wonderful, moving smoothly from battle field to surgery. The episode does well to showcase how Shi-jin and Mo-yoen’s challenges, though very different, share tough similarities. The introduction of more characters, some likable and others less so, quickly lightens the heavy theme. The mood lightens even further when Shi-jin returns, rather unexpectedly, to take Mo-yeon on the date they arranged at the end of episode one. Mo-yeon and Shi-jin share a flirtatious dinner and plan to end the night with a movie. However, duty calls Shi-jin away once again, and the date is cut short.

Things only go downhill for Mo-yeon. Bad news regarding her hopes for a promotion at the hospital and a literal hair-pulling battle between Mo-yeon her rival, who we met earlier in the episode, leave Mo-yeon disheartened and confused. Just when it seems things can’t get worse, she finally finds opportunity to advance and becomes the face of the hospital’s televised broadcasts and press conferences. Her popularity skyrockets. Then Shi-jin returns yet again.

The two have a revealing conversation about their morals and beliefs. In the end they realize they’re not willing to sacrifice certain values, and when they go their separate ways, it seems they’ve parted for good. Shi-jin leaves for the country of Urk, a beautiful but fictional mashup of culture and geography, with unbelievably good cell reception.

Urk is the last place Mo-yeon would ever find herself; however, after rejecting the advances of the slimy hospital CEO, that’s exactly where she ends up, with her reluctant crew of doctors, much to Shi-jin’s surprise.

Will Shi-jin be happy to see Mo-yeon? Find out in the next episode, available on DramaFever.


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