In episode eight, Shi-jin and Mo-yeon pick up the pieces.

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead.

Shi-jin does not wait for Mo-yeon’s response. He says he will take her home but must go to headquarters for a debriefing.

The communication network for the medical team will be down for several days, so she goes with Shi-jin to make a phone call. There, she telephones Manager Go‘s wife to relay his last words. Even in his last moments, Manager Go smiled and laughed. He tells Mo-yeon that he feels lucky to be able to see the sky, which is visible through a gap in the rubble. He raised enough money to send his children to college so that they can live well. For a moment, he laments that he and his wife spent more time looking at photos of one another than seeing each other face-to-face. Now his wife will only have a photograph of him. Mo-yeon tells her that Manager Go does not want her to be alone for very long.

However, everything isn’t completely devastating. The show’s producers/creators give viewers a bit of respite in the next scene. We see that unfortunate outcomes can be remedied with kindness when two members of the medical team, Dr. Song and Nurse Ha, return a wedding ring to  an amputee. Meanwhile, Ye-hwa and Daniel bicker over his habit of referring to her as his wife. The members of the medical team watch, and Chi-hoon reveals that Daniel comes from a wealthy Canadian hedge-fund family. He is even famous in Korea. Why is such a famous and wealthy doctor fixing cars in Urk?

Shi-jin consoles a tearful Mo-yeon after her phone call with Manager Go’s wife. He points toward the “shameless” starry sky to make her forget about what has happened on the ground. She thanks him for returning, stating that she might have run away of not for his presence. He says that they should run away together. Finally, she smiles.

Agus is back, and he is not smiling. Low life Chief Manager Jin Young-soo had promised Agus diamonds that he can no longer deliver thanks to the earthquake. Agus only gives him one day to make good on their deal. Unfortunately, the goods are not the only thing buried. Kang, the construction worker Manager Go pestered about wearing a helmet just before the earthquake, is still alive beneath the rubble.

With doctors in tow, the rescue team resumes the search for survivors. Chi-hoon is the first to locate one. An aftershock strikes at that moment, and he is forced to escape, leaving the victim behind as the structure begins to collapse. Shi-Jin refuses to allow Mo-yeon to enter the building to treat the patient, reminding her that they can’t risk creating new victims. She must remain outside with Myung-joo, who is monitoring communications and seismic activity. Mo-yeon is not impressed with Shi-jin’s cocky attitude and sends him in with medical supplies and instructions.

Freeing Kang will not be easy. His leg is trapped, possibly broken, and the team will need more equipment. Shi-jin casually sends Dae-young to retrieve it, momentarily getting him out of harm’s way. While Dae-young collects medicine and equipment, the structure begins to rumble, but it is not an aftershock. Young-soo has reached a new low. He steals an excavator and uses the heavy equipment in an attempt to break through the rubble to his office. The soldiers catch him and drag him out. However, the damage has already been done.  The resulting cave-in cuts Shi-jin’s communication to the outside.

The risk of a secondary collapse is higher than ever, but Dae-young goes back in without hesitation, and Myung-joo knows there is no way to stop him. Inside, Shi-jin and Kang are alive but trapped. The rumblings freed Kang’s leg. However, Shi-jin suffered a wrist injury while protecting him from the collapse. They are unable to dig their way out and must wait for the rescue team to get through to them.

They do not have to wait long. Dae-young finds his way back to them and clears an opening. Shi-jin, Kang and Dae-young all make it out alive, and Mo-yeon is waiting for them. After Kang has been taken away, Shi-jin hops onto a stretcher. He playfully insists that he needs treatment and only wants Mo-yeon to help him. She agrees but does so without a smile.

The soldiers bring Young-soo to Dae-young and ask what should be done with him. Dae-young is ready with an answer. He storms over and decks the greedy manager squarely in the face. It is, by far, one of the most satisfying moments in the episode.

Back at the base, Mo-yeon treats Shi-jin and questions him about constantly putting his life on the line. He assures her that not getting killed is part of his job. The Lt. Colonel arrives to inform Shi-jin that he is being sent back to Korea. However, he makes no mention of sending Mo-yeon back as well.

Young-soo again barges in to whine, this time threatening legal action over Dae-young striking him. The Lt. Colonel is not sympathetic. He agrees that legal action should be taken. After all, Young-soo endangered the lives of civilians and soldiers with his recklessness. He will answer for his actions in front of a military trial. Dae-young and Shi-jin are reprimanded as well for “failing to control a civilian at a rescue site”, though their punishment is not as severe.

While running laps around the base, Shi-jin stops to ask Mo-yeon if she is on the list of those returning. The answer is not what he had hoped for.

Meanwhile, Chi-hoon wrestles with his guilt over having abandoned Kang in the rubble. He agrees to be on the list of those returning to Korea as Kang mourns the death of Manager Go. The teams hold a memorial service for the deceased, and from then on, a siren will sound each day to honor the victims of the earthquake.

Afterward, the teams are in more cheerful spirits. The other doctors tease Dr. Song and Nurse Ha and pester them to date, while Daniel earns quite a bit of attention from the ladies. They are quite impressed with his ability to fix everything from cars to the base’s old radio system. Shi-jin encourages Dae-young to move forward in his relationship with Myung-joo. Just when it seems things can’t get any sweeter, Mo-yeon leaves her phone to play a lovely song over the repaired radio system. The doctors, soldiers and patients listen with smiles on their faces. However, the smiles change to looks of surprise and, in Mo-yeon’s case, horror. The song ends and her phone begins to broadcast a recording of her feelings to Shi-jin …

… and the rest of the base.

Will she ever be able to look him in the eye again? Find out on the next episode, available now on DramaFever.

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