We all are fond of our Korean variety shows, especially the ones that leave everyone on the edge of their seats, guessing what is going to happen next. For many years, “Running Man” has been a favorite among fans worldwide. When you have a star-studded cast with Yoo Jae-suk at the helm, you can’t help but tune in. But there is a new show that might give “Running Man” a run for its money (no pun intended).

“Master Key” is the latest show that also features a star-studded cast, bringing in some of the top names in Hallyu. While only a few episodes have aired, it’s not surprising that it is gaining momentum. “Master Key” is almost a mix of “Running Man” and classic variety show, “X Man.” The similarities between “Master Key” and these two very popular variety shows, prove the show has the potential to be the next best thing hat SBS has under their wing.

“Master Key” brings twelve individuals together where all 12 find a key that may be the “master key.” Of the twelve keys, two are the Master Keys that open the chest containing the winning prize. Throughout the day, the twelve members are split into teams of six and go through various missions that can reveal hints about who has the Master Key. Of all the cast members, the two MCs that many may recognize is Jun Hyun Moo and Lee Soo Geun

In a game about deceit and strategy, those with the Master Key must try not to get caught. Should the team choose the correct individuals, the team wins the prize. However, should anyone get it wrong, those who are holding the Master Key win the game.

Another twist for is that viewers get the chance to participate in the show as well. The guests that are set to appear on the show are posted prior to airing, and viewers get to vote on their favorite guest. The most popular guest gets a special bonus card that will be beneficial to them later on in figuring out who has the master key

There are definite similarities to “Running Man” — they both are under the same broadcasting company. “Master Key” has the definite potential to claim the top spot as the hottest variety show. But SBS houses both “Running Man” and “Laws of the Jungle,” to name a couple of their highest-rated TV shows. “Master Key” has big shoes to fill.

(SBS, YouTube.)

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