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Twenty-Five Twenty-One ending explained: Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri ended on a heartbreaking note

Twenty-Five Twenty-One ending

Twenty-Five Twenty-One ended on Sunday and many were gearing up for this finale. For eight weeks, fans watched Baek Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk) and Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri) fall in love, episode by episode. Midway through the season, fans received hints that the characters would not be together. Their breakup is eventually confirmed in the Twenty-Five Twenty-One finale.

Why did Baek Yi Jin and Na Hee Do break up?

The latest episode began with Ye Jin getting a job as a Correspondent in New York a few months after he covered the 9/11 attacks. Heartbroken, Hee-do accepted his decision, suggesting that they part ways. Ye Jin returns to South Korea to make his home there and set up a base in the US. At the airport, his suitcase is exchanged for a Hee-do suitcase. While Hee-do decides to leave her bag at the airport, Ye-jin leaves his bag at her doorstep. Ye Jin and Hee Do are talking, and Hee Do suggests that their breakup is inevitable.

Hee-do breaks the news to the couple’s mutual friends, hinting that the couple has now decided to keep their distance. However, she is forced to turn to him to cancel their couple’s mobile plans. As a result, they talk again, but this time Ye-jin informs Hee-do that he cannot back down from her due to the trauma he experienced while reporting the 9/11 attacks. He decided to keep the pain to himself because he felt it would be better if the injury touched one of them rather than consuming it.

This breaks Hi-do when the swordsman states that the couple is only lovers when they are happy, and distant when they seem to be in trouble. Their fight escalates, pushing them further, and as a result, Hi-do decides to continue the breakup. After saying things she later regrets, Hi-do writes down her real feelings and thoughts in her diary, which she ends up losing. The diary somehow ends up in Ye Jin’s hands just a day before he leaves for New York, and he learns about everything Hido went through while working. It breaks him. He manages to capture her before he leaves the country, and they share an emotional goodbye.

Will Baek Yi Jin and Na Hee Do Reunite?

Over seven years later, Hee-do and Ye-jin were digitally reunited after she won the gold medal in San Francisco. This is the same interview where Ye Jin congratulates her on her wedding. The interview confirms that Hi-do is gone. Twenty-five Twenty-one endings shifts to the present day when Hi-do finds a lost diary.

Returning to her days with Ye Jin, she stumbles upon a letter written by him that he hoped would reach her during their breakup. The current Hee-do visits the tunnel that holds their happiest and saddest memories and decides to truly let go of Ye-jin by shutting herself down.

While Hee-do seems to be closing this chapter, Ye-jin seems to continue working for the UBS news channel and seems to be struggling with his password. When he selects the “forgot password” option, a prompt appears asking who his first love is. He types in “Na Hi-do”, suggesting that they may have moved on but still cherish their first love.

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