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Two times Survivor Contestant Keith Nale Dead at 62

Keith Nale
Source: CNN

This tragic loss saddens the whole Survivor population. Keith Nale, 62, who was on Survivor twice (in San Juan del Sur and Cambodia), has passed away. The death of Nale was due to cancer, his son Wes told Entertainment Tonight.

“He passed away this afternoon,” Wes reported to the media on April 18. We learned of his cancer diagnosis in January, so he’d been fighting it for a while. Kevin, Nale’s brother, remarked on his brother’s impact as well, telling the source, “A life taken way too soon.” Nale was a contestant on the CBS reality show Survivor: San Juan del Sur, aired its 29th season in September 2014. A year later, he participated in Survivor: Cambodia.

The cast of Survivor quickly remembered Nale after he passed away. Kelley Wentworth, who starred in San Juan del Sur and Cambodia with Nale, tweeted on April 18: “Keith – a man with the purest heart, who brought humor into moments where it was needed.” I’m thankful that fate brought me into contact with Keith, and that we were able to make some wonderful beach memories together in Nicaragua and Cambodia.

Career of Keith Nale

Twenty survivors, including Keith, were picked by viewers to participate in the “Second Chance” season. At the start of the game, Keith was allied with Jeremy Collins, another cast member from San Juan del Sur, on the Bayon tribe. Keith was spared from Tribal Council because Bayon won the first two Immunity Challenges. A Tribe Swap took place on Day 7. After being traded to the Ta Keo tribe, Keith joined Ciera Eastin, Joe Anglim, and Kass McQuillen to form a final five alliance with original Ta Keo member Kelley Wentworth. Terry Deitz, the first Ta Keo, was taken away from his son on Night 13. Everyone, including Keith, wished him the best of success. The following day, Keith, along with Joe and Kelley, was sent to the Bayon tribe. Keith made it to the merge without going to Tribal Council thanks to their success in the following Immunity Challenge.

Two times Survivor Contestant Keith Nale Dead at 62

Source: CNN

Who is Keith Nale?

Ex-members of Survivor Keith Nale, who was 62 years old, has died. On Tuesday, April 18, 2023, Hearts of Reality announced on their Facebook page that he had passed away; the band did not specify the cause of death. Regarding challenges and strategy, Keith was a well-known castaway from Survivor: San Juan del Sur and Survivor: Cambodia.

As news of Nale’s passing spread, Survivor viewers paid homage to one of the show’s most beloved competitors. Many people were shocked at the news and publicly expressed their feelings about the late castaway.

Keith Nale Cause of death

Fan favorite and Survivor veteran Keith Nale has passed away. His age was given as 62. Wes, his son, verified the news in an interview with ET. “He passed away this afternoon,” he said on Tuesday. We learned of his cancer diagnosis in January, so he’d been fighting it for a while.

Brother Kevin Nale of the decedent said, “A life gone entirely too soon! So soon, it happened. He died of cancer. At his home in Shreveport, Louisiana, he died away this afternoon.

Nale had two appearances on the CBS show. He competed in Blood vs. Water II with his son Wes on Season 29 of Survivor: San Juan del Sur (which aired in 2014). The final four consisted of Nale. The following year, he returned to Survivor for another shot at the $1,000,000 prize on Survivor: Cambodia — Second Chances. He aimed to be more strategic and cooperative throughout that season, but was nonetheless eliminated in fifth place.

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