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Tygax and Bella Poarch Viral Video Leaked on social media

Tygax and Bella Poarch Viral Video Leaked on social media
Tygax and Bella Poarch Viral Video Leaked on social media

The trend of viral videos is on the top in today’s world. It’s no new thing that every other celebrity has a viral video made on one or the other day. Recently, a video featuring Tyga and Bella Poarch went viral on Twitter and Reddit. 

 Tygax Bella Viral Video:

Some months earlier, a video went viral on some very important social media sites such as Reddit and Twitter featuring Tyga and rapper Bella. There was an apprehension that the two stars were in a physical relationship, but this was not very sure. 

The people started becoming suspicious about their relationship when a Tik Tok video went viral. Tyga is seen dancing on the rapper beats in a very posh and lavish mansion in Los Angeles.

After this, another video went viral that has kept people’s eyes wide open. Some guessed that this video was a deliberate attempt by the duo. This video was a bit too shocking to be made viral on social media. The two people remained silent on this case for a long time. The video featured the duo in a very uncomfortable position for others to watch. 

Recently, we’ve seen that Bella Poarch broke the silence on this controversy. According to her, she has no substantial connections with the ONLY F videos. She has denied all those allegations against her. For now, this video is the talk of the town. People are very confused about the relationship between the two.

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