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Ukrainian Nationalist Marusya Zveroboy killed

News has circulated on social media that the Ukrainian nationalist Marusya Zveroboy has been killed. People worldwide are very eager to know about this woman and her background.

Marusya Zveroboy killed

Earlier, a video went viral on all of the social media platforms featuring a woman in which it was said that all of the Russians should be killed, humiliated, and cut. The woman featured in that video was a nationalist belonging to Ukraine, namely Marusya Zveroboy. 

There have been a lot of investigations about the woman, including who she is and who her parents are, and what her origin is. The most interesting fact that we have come across is that the nationalist Marusya is not of Ukrainian origin but Russian origin. According to this information, her parents and the whole of her family originally belonged to Russia. But, harsh words against Russia indicate that the woman doesn’t have any sense of affection. 

Ukrainian Nationalist Marusya Zveroboy killed

After gaining so much popularity, Marusya again makes headlines with her death. According to reports, she was sentenced to death by a special brigade of the Chechen Republic. Her punishment was probably harsh words and controversial statements against Russia.

Meanwhile, there was another instance wherein the nationalists got into the limelight when she was seen carving a swastika on the corpses of many soldiers with a sharp knife. 

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