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Umndeni star Malwandle dead unexpectedly. Is Malwandle dead or Alive?

Umndeni star Malwandle dead unexpectedly. Is Malwandle dead or Alive
Umndeni star Malwandle dead unexpectedly. Is Malwandle dead or Alive

There has been news in the town that Malwandle has passed away. While many fans regarded this as fake and a stupid rumour, Moja Love has confirmed the death news shortly afterward. It is being said that the star has passed away and that this untimely calamity shakes everyone.

Who is Malwandle?

Ongeziwe Percy Malwandle Madonsela, shortly known as Malwandle, is a part of the reality show Umndeni. The show is famous for homosexual polygamy-related content. It explores the lives of men in polygamous relationships. Malwandle, in the first season, was introduced to be in a relationship with Kolobe. However, he was later reintroduced in the second season as one of the wives of Maseko after cutting off ties with Kolobe.

Malwandle Death, Obituary:

An apparent rumour circulated through social media that Malwandle had died. Many fans shunned these and refused to accept this death. But, Moja LOVE confirmed that Malwandle has unexpectedly died. This tragic news makes everyone heartbroken, and fans have filled social media with condolences and love-filled messages. 

Many of the fans are saying that they are heartbroken by the news. However, he was indeed very young, and many say that he was not at an age to die. Another news that was coming up was that Malwandle’s brother had died, but then it turned out to be him, and this was an utter shock.

The cause of death is not yet confirmed.

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