100% is back with their new title song, “Heart,” and their album, “Sunshine.” They return for the first time this year with a new sound, venturing into the tropical house genre. This is also the group’s first comeback after the passing of their leader, Minwoo, who died due to cardiac arrest in March.

Through what can only be described as heartbreaking, 100% returned with a vibrant, upbeat and powerful song. The tropical house vibe makes it perfect for those not quite ready to embrace autumn. K-pop had quite the love affair with the genre back in 2017, and I personally thought I was all tropical housed out. But the moment the beat dropped in the chorus, “Heart” won me over. The drop is reminiscent of Winner‘s “Island,” adding their own flare with stellar vocals.

Vibrant isn’t a strong enough word to describe the music video. It oozes midsummer dream with vivid blues, purples and pinks, with screen time cut between close-ups of orchids and the guys dancing in a shallow outdoor pool. Amidst this dreamy scenery, the boys sing of a crush unfulfilled: “With the word ‘friend,’ I’m hovering around you alone again … All I want is you [to] love me.”

What do you think of 100%’s “Heart?”


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