The time of year is here again, stores are filled with red, white, and green and holiday music is playing 24/7 at almost every place you go. If you’re like me, it takes just a little bit more to have you feeling ready for the winter and the chaos that sometimes comes along with the holidays. Have no fear! K-pop DIY projects are here to give us all a little motivation and inspiration for the holiday spirit! You can’t make your weird cousin leave when everyone sits around the dinner table, but you CAN show off your cool new K-pop themed decorations if you do some of the projects that we’ve found across the internet.

Here’s a list of some cute and fun projects to give your holidays a touch of K-pop flair:¬†

Make your own K-pop themed snow globes!

Tips for this project:

If you don’t have access to a laminating machine for your snow globe images, you can also use clear packing tape to laminate most things, or clear contact paper which can be found at most craft stores or even Walmart in the home or kitchen section of the store. If you use tape, just make sure to cover the entire surface of your image on both sides to prevent any water from getting in!

Also, look for jars with unique shapes at your local thrift shops and craft stores, but make sure they have a ‘gasket’ or rubber seal around the lid because this will help keep the jar sealed and watertight when you glue it. You don’t want your snow globe to leak!¬†Experiment¬†with fun glitter colors and cute decorations to give your holiday season a little more flair.

Create a one of a kind K-pop Christmas stocking! (This project requires a sewing machine)

Tips for this project:

Choose a fabric in the color of your favorite K-pop group and then add the logo of the group somewhere on the stocking with fabric or paint! For example, an EXO stocking would look great in white with the black EXO logo across the top or the foot and a black ribbon to hang it from! Blinks try a pink fabric with the Blackpink logo in black. Add whatever other decorations you want and you’ll have the most interesting stocking in the family for sure. Any color combination and any group can work for this project. You can find fabric and ribbon at any craft store or even online with tons of variety to choose from. Always use caution with your pins, scissors and sewing needles. Nobody wants to get stitches for Christmas!

Craft holiday tree decorations with simple materials!

Tips for this project:

Print out or trace your logos carefully for your ornaments and cut out your shapes slowly, don’t hurt yourself. Acrylic paint is cheap and also works best to paint on fabric for this project because it doesn’t wash out or rub off easily! For the ball ornaments, be sure to get the plastic kind that separates in half, some places sell glass ball ornaments that don’t come apart. If you don’t want to buy them online, craft stores and even most dollar stores sell these clear ornaments around this time of year so there are plenty of options.

These are just a few fun and cute ideas to give your holidays a more personal touch this year. Having a bit of your love of K-pop coming through on the holidays is sure to bring you a little closer to the holiday spirit. If not, maybe the food will do the trick!

We have more fun K-pop DIY projects coming soon, so stay tuned! ‘Tis the season!

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