On June 25, 2018. Japanese group, EXILE has returned with another music video! Titled “Style of 24karats” the group brings fashion and dance together.

We are taken on a journey of different styles of fashion such as the current sporty street style that takes up the first two minutes of the music video. This particular part of the video features the members in primarily street-inspired  black-colored clothing, with a simple beatbox-step beat that gets the adrenaline pumping.

The second portion jumps to a futuristic take on style, with bright yellow outfits to showcase their Two Four Performance Gear. This transition brought a more EDM influence in terms of it’s music and style, even playing futuristic video games.

The third fashion style that is highlighted is ’90s-influenced outfits. This was a much more multicolored set that featured more break dancing for this particular era of fashion that EXILE focused on. The last portion of the music video combines all influence of fashion and dance. They wear baggy black-and-white ’90s outfits that are also sporty and street.

Overall this was a fun and addictive song and music video that also promotes what seems to be their own brand of clothing as well.


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