SHINee‘s latest Japanese track is perfect for dancing away the blues.

Losing a beloved artist is always difficult. Fans of the Korean pop group SHINee experienced the deeply saddening loss of Kim Jonghyun in Dec. of 2017. Though the four remaining members of the SHINee family were able to continue on through their remaining concerts with the love and support of their fans, it was unclear which direction they would take moving forward.

SHINee cleared things up a bit last month with the release of their Japanese album “SHINee THE BEST FROM NOW ON,” which contains re-releases of their top tracks on two discs. The animated music video for “Every Time” was released on April 28 and matches the jazzy, quirky tune perfectly.

Shinee everytime 1


It’s hard not to love the visuals for this song. The entire video is a textured, layered, neon collection of feel-good fun. The song features two adorable little characters, a man and a woman, bopping around colorful scenes with the New York City skyline in the background. They clearly have love on their brains. Glittering hearts and runaway rocket ships are a perfect visualization for what happens when two people catch a case of feelings. The imagery ties right in to the lyrics. Clocks tick away with colorful bursts of the words “every time we shu bee doo ba ba.” Yes, you are going to have that stuck in your head.

Shinee everytime 2

Is this really the worst thing you could be humming in line at the grocery store? “Every Time” is romantic and delightful. SHINee has grown up quite a bit over the past 10 years, and this song reflects their changing sound. As difficult as it is to hear Jonghyun on this track, it does not take way from the talent they had and still have as a group. “Every Time” is perfect for sunny afternoons and rainy days alike. The question “shall we dance?” is repeated several times throughout the song. The answer? Yes. Absolutely.

Need a little more inspirations for you next dance party? Check out the rest of SHINee’s album on Universal Music Japan’s YouTube page and tell us what you think!



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