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Why are fans calling Jeff’s behavior “childish” in Love Island(a juvenile show) USA Season 4 Episode 35?  reasons further.

USA Season 4 Episode 35

Why are fans calling Jeff’s behavior “childish” in Love Island(a juvenile show) USA Season 4 Episode 35?  reasons further.

The usual drama was intensified in the latest episode. These people were paid 

visits by their parents have also faced double elimination.

All of these guys will have great Instagram followers and they will be working  together for a long time but the TV show makes the elimination look like the end of  the career. While fans got crazy after the islanders threw out Phoebe and Chad, they were  also angry at Jeff for fighting with his colleagues.

Jeff was in favor of the eliminated couple and he instead wanted to send Deb and Jesse home.

Fans reacted intensely over these trivial issues and  made Jeff look like he is 


I really can’t believe Jeff acted that way. That was just so childish. Very 

isappointing. #LoveIslandUSA

Timmy and Jeff’s conversation got heated, but things didn’t escalate much as 

co-stars intervened.

Love Island USA fans targeted Jeff for his behavior in Episode 35

Jeff was mad over PHOEBE I’m glad Zeta and Timmy cleared him. Jeff made no sense 


The arguments began when the elimination process did not go Jeff way:

In the Love Island USA Season 4 Episode 35, had to vote out their own.

The majority voted against chad and Phoebe but Jeff did not and after the 

results were announced he seemed disappointed and he argued with people.

maybe the whole thing was already planned by Jeff to get some camera time. He 

also started to argue with Timmy and when his partner tried to calm him down he 

even got angrier.

Fans Reactions to the slur jeff used for Nedjha:

“F**k Nadjha.”

This was enough for the internet to go crazy.

Jeff didnt havent to get mad at Nadja tho. That was just petty and 



Whoa… Jeff just lost it! He wanted Deb and Jesse gone. Then he turned on Nadhja 

cause she didn’t comfort him. #loveislandusa


jeff is acting like a kid for real #LoveIslandUSA


Jeff is the type of person to block their own blessings over irrational feelings 

and emotions #hardtowatch #LoveIslandUSA


Ew Jeff. You can’t come at people like that and not even let them speak. 

Childish af. #LoveIslandUSA


Jeff fighting for Chad and Phoebe who look so platonic is making me laugh 



Jeff is childish asf for that💀 this does not affect you grow up #LoveIslandUSA

Jeff wanted Nedjha to take her side in the argument and then he went on to say 

“I’m done with this sh**. She just made sure bruh was ok, she ain’t make sure 

I’m ok. Alright man, for sure. F**k Nadjha, real sh** bro. F**k her bro.”

then she left him which was expected. Jeff will find someone else now and Nedjha 

will find another man and they won’t live happily ever after too

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