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Verity Beck: Pennsylvania Woman Allegedly Shot Her Parents In Head

Verity Beck
Image credit- deadline

43-year-old Verity Beck is a lady. She is accused of both first- and third-degree murder. Reid and Mirian Beck were killed in their Abington, Pennsylvania, home by the shooter.

Why She Killed Her Parents?

She killed them, then dismembered their bodies. Because she killed her parents, she is being detained without bond.

On January 17, 2023, late at night, police arrived at the residence in the 1100 block of Beverly Road where her mother Miriam Beck, 72, and her father Reid Beck, 73, were discovered dead.

Her father was a former local union 420 steamfitters director. Her mother used to work as a nurse at Lower Moreland High School.

Bodies Of Deceased Were Found

When Verity’s brother arrived at the house earlier and noticed what appeared to be a body under a blanket, he alerted the police.

Verity Beck

Image credit- Us Today

About 30 minutes into their conversation, he learned that things had been difficult from his sister. The police were summoned by Verity’s brother. “They deployed drones and threw in a camera which was able to search most of the area,” said Patrick Molloy, chief of police in Abington.

Verity came down the stairs holding up her hands when the cops arrived at the house. She only confirmed that her parents had passed away and was worried about her cats and dogs, according to Abington Police Chief Patrick Molloy. She said nothing else besides those remarks.

Weapons Were Sized

“What they uncovered, you can’t unsee it,” Molloy told his men. According to Steele, the victims were shot in the head and died as a result. Several firearms were also discovered in the house.

Whether they were sleeping or not, Molloy continued, “You just wish that they were.” The primary bedroom on the second floor included a sizable safe that had drill marks on it. It looks that someone had been attempting to access it without a key.

Authorities were informed by Verity’s brother that while he thought he was messaging his parents, his sister was actually responding to his messages.

I’m utterly stunned, said neighbour Linda Cranney. It’s a peaceful area. A ideal neighbourhood to raise a child in is one that is quiet, has lots of dogs, and has friendly children all over. I’m in awe.

A former employee named Miriam Beck passed away, according to the Lower Moreland School District. From 1998 to 2018, Mrs. Beck worked as a school nurse at Lower Moreland High School. Our thoughts and sympathy are currently with the Beck family.


1. Who is Verity Beck?

A.She is a Pennsylvania resident

2. What is her profession?

A. Unknown

3. What is Verity Beck Nationality?

A. American

4. How old is Verity Beck?

A. 43 years old

5. What happened to Verity Beck?

A. She killed her parents

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