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 Vincent Cheng: HSBC’s First Chinese Executive Director Dies at 74  after a prominent career

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 Vincent Cheng: HSBC’s First Chinese Executive Director Dies at 74  after a prominent career.

 Reputed Hong Kong Banker served many rich clients and became a star in the banking industry. As an ethnic Chinese his career was filled with so many opportunities and he died at the age of 74 after having a powerful career. Cheng was born into a poor family in Hong Kong, reminds us of that movie that won the oscar some years ago. His work at HSBC had too many achievements and he paved the way for many Chinese ethnic citizens. Cheng was not limited to banking and finance he was also associated with education and politics. Cheng is an inspiration for people associated with serious diseases. He was inflicted with the polio-related disease at a very young age.  He was born in British Hong Kong and as we all know how the Britishers looted the entire world and tortured the natives. He was one of six siblings and he was not given treatment at an early age, in many countries the brits oppressed locals so it is no surprise that cheng suffered poverty and diseases.

 Vincent Cheng did his graduation in economics and masters:

But he was smart and he took the road to education. He was a graduate of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) with an economics degree in 1973. He later took a job as a dishwasher and also went to the University of Auckland in New Zealand to pursue a master’s degree. After he came back to Hong Kong in 1978. Cheng started working at HSBC and he was a hard-working man soon he reached one of the finest positions by any Chinese in HSBC. Only in 8 years did he becomes the chief economist at SBC subsidiary Hang Seng in 1986 and after 12 years he was appointed its vice chairman and CEO in 1998 But his most important success came in 2005 when he changed the course of history when as a Chinese he was made the chairman of the HSBC’s Asia Pacific unit. Only 3 years after that he changed another rule and he was made a group executive director and board member at HSBC in 2008.

Many rich elites have made statements about Vincent:

“Dr Cheng was an esteemed banker. Over the years, he had been promoting the steady development of Hong Kong’s banking industry, commanding high respect of the sector,” said Hong Kong chief executive John Lee in a statement. 

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