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Was Paul Tavilla killed? CEO at Edgecorp construction found dead.

Was Paul Tavilla killed? CEO at Edgecorp construction found dead.

Paul Tavilla was found dead 8 years ago and his death is still a mystery to many. He was an intelligent powerful man in the world of construction. Tavilla is no more but his death mystery is still with many of us.

Paul took his last breath in Massachusetts. We will see in this article how the old man died and what he has left behind.

 We have gathered confidential information about his death, family, and property.

 Paul Tavilla and his world records and his family:

Paul enjoyed life to the fullest. he even made a wacky record of eating 22 grapes in 15 seconds which does not seem like much.

He made this world record in Chelsea. He was one of nine siblings. 

Paul was also part of the army from 1957 to 1959 during the cold war. He came back and started working with the entire family together. he and more than 7 siblings started working together in their home company. Their company had a wholesale produce distribution business. They all lived in Massachusetts.

Wife of Paul Tavilla?

he was a loving and loyal man he was married to his wife for over 58 years. his wife was named Mary, and the relationship never broke. says a lot about how beautiful they were as a couple but one-day paul left to marry, and she was left alone. 58 beautiful years of togetherness and love. it is unbelievable now.

He has a daughter who is married to a businessman named Russel from  Waltham. His granddaughters are Brittany and Brandon. after their retirement, they spent a lot of time with their grandchildren. they ate fruits with them, talked to them, and spend a lot of time together.

there have been conspiracy theories that Paul died under mysterious circumstances but he died naturally as per reports from family.

Who was paul tavilla the businessman?

he was a kind man who helped his employees. Paul was a family man, it is visible because he spent 58 years with his wife and he lived with his grandaughters after retirement. his priority was family and his love for the family.

Was Paul Tavilla killed? CEO at Edgecorp construction found dead.

His funeral ceremony was held at Grace Chapel located on 59 Worthen Road, Lexington, MA on 12th November 2014. it is been 8 years since he died. A lot of people offered prayers and services to the late Paul. His family accepted it humbly.

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