Gabby Kanizay becomes youngest Aussie teen to climb Mount Everest

Gabby Kanizay has become the youngest Aussie to climb Everest after training for the climb since she was 14.

Gabby Kanizay has made history, becoming the youngest Australian woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest, aged just 19 years and 68 days old.

The Melbourne teen conquered the highest mountain in the world on May 14, something she has been planning since 2018.

“It was the most amazing feeling,” she told Channel 9. “Just to know that you’re literally on top of the world and there is nobody higher than you at this point.”

With a team of Sherpas and her mum Jane by her side, Kanizay spent an hour at the summit to watch the sun rise across the Himalayas.

Kanizay said it was “awesome” to climb with her mother and it’s an experience they will “be able to share together for the rest of our lives”.

“To be there at the same time, to then stand on the summit together, was truly incredible,” Kanizay told the ABC.

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