Is Vicky White dead? The Former Alabama deputy died.

Vicky White, 58, was a prison guard who died as a result of self-inflicted bullet wounds. According to the detectives. On April 29, she eloped with a murder suspect from an Alabama jail. When the cops in Indiana find her, she shoots herself.

She was transported to the hospital and died as a result of her life-threatening injuries.

According to Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave, “The male and female fled in a vehicle on Highway 41 northbound, went past Highway 57 as you can see they turned here on Birch Park Drive, they came through this grassy area,”

“The Marshals task force intercepted them, actually collided with them to try to end the pursuit.”

He further continued: “Two bad people are off the streets.”

The pair had been in Indiana for six days when authorities arrested them.

“It’s hard to believe they were here that many days. They’re criminals, sometimes they do inexplicable things, but I’m glad they did,”

According to the police, it was easy for them to haunt them as Casey had a different massive personality.