Loose Women's Nadia Sawalha flaunts her curves in a tiny bikini fashioned out of dog muck bags, cling film and GAFFER TAPE as she recreates Kim Kardashian's latest sizzling look

She's become well known for impersonating the reality star's promotional videos and sultry photoshoots.

And Nadia Sawalha, 57, may have pulled off her best Kim Kardashian impression yet as she stripped down to a handmade bikini to recreate Kim's latest sizzling look.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Nadia flaunted her curves in a bizarre two-piece fashioned from dog muck bags, black cling film and gaffer tape as she gave her own take on Kim's recent Sports Illustrated snaps.

The Loose Women star looked mightily pleased with herself as she perched upon a paddleboard positioned on her kitchen table and posed in her very own version of Kim's skimpy swimwear - expertly made by her sister Dina.

Ensuring she emulated Kim's sexy snap perfectly, Nadia even added her own black leather gloves and dark sunglasses, while she also posed with a motorcycle helmet tucked under her arm as per the KUWTH star's photo.

The former actress proved she's not afraid to show off her comical side as she pulled off her best pose while flaunting her body in the tiny bikini.

Kim was one of four cover stars posing for the 2022 Sports Illustrated issue this month, joining Elon Musk's 74-year-old mom Maye, singer Ciara, 36, and plus-size model Yumi Nu, also 36.