Review: ‘The Librarians,’ with Noah Wyle, opens fun new chapter on TNT

After years spent saving the world from invading aliens on “Falling Skies,” Noah Wyle is back to saving the world from magical objects, or at least those that might fall into the Wrong Hands.

And now, with the new TNT series “The Librarians,” which premieres Sunday, he’s got a crack team that includes Rebecca Romijn to help him.

Back in 2004, Wyle starred in three smart and entertaining TNT films that centered around the Library, a sentient repository of wisdom and mythical artifacts lying beneath the fictional Metropolitan Public Library in New York.

Through many adventures, it was regularly stocked and protected by Flynn Carsen (Wyle) otherwise known as the Librarian, a fast-talking cross between Indiana Jones and the Doctor.

He, in turn, was aided by two on-site assistants, Judson (Bob Newhart) and Charlene (Jane Curtin).

After the third film, “The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice,” there was some talk of a feature film, but nothing came of it.

Just in time for the holidays, the family-friendly adventure tale returns as “The Librarians,” a full-fledged series with its original cast intact, though in “reoccurring” roles, and ready to aid a newer (and younger) set of adventurers.

Romijn plays Eve Baird, a counter-terrorism agent who encounters Flynn while chasing down her own set of bad guys.

Soon after she receives an invitation to join the Library, as a replacement for Judson who, in the years between the last film and the series, has passed.

(Not, thank heavens, completely or permanently; the appearance of Newhart, and with Curtin, is reason enough to watch “The Librarians.”)