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Wesley Brownlee, Suspected Stockton Serial Killer, Is Charged With Four More Murders

Wesley Brownlee
Wesley Brownlee; image credit:-CNN

Seven people have now died as a result of Wesley Brownlee, an alleged serial killer from Stockton, being connected to four further killings in Alameda & San Joaquin counties.

Wesley Brownlee

Wesley Brownlee; image credit:- ABC News

New Murder Charges On Wesley Brownlee

Two months after the 43-year-old Brownlee’s arrest in connection with a series of violent shootings that rattled the community, San Joaquin County District Attorney’s prosecutors presented the new murder charges on Tuesday in Stockton. In October, Brownlee was formally charged in San Joaquin Superior Court with three charges of murder in connection with the murders of Lawrence Lopez Sr., 54, who was shot dead on September 27, and Jonathan Hernandez Rodriguez, 21, who was killed on August 30. After Brownlee’s October arraignment, however, San Joaquin County District Attorney’s office praised the quickness of their inquiry and pledged to file additional charges.

The Victims Murdered By Wesley Brownlee

Juan Alexander Vasquez, 39, & Mervin Harmon were both fatally shot by Brownlee, according to the new 11-page complaint, which was filed by the prosecution on Tuesday. Both victims were killed two days apart in April 2021. Harmon died six days after Vasquez on April 10, 2021, in Oakland. Natasha Latour was shot ten times on April 16, 2021, while she was camped next to railroad tracks in Stockton. She managed to survive, and she has since described the vicious assault.

Tuesday, the prosecution’s latest set of accusations included the attempted murder of Latour. Then there would be two more killings. According to San Joaquin officials, Paul Alexander Yaw, 35, was fatally shot by Brownlee on July 8 in Stockton. In August, a new victim was hurt. In Stockton, 43-year-old Salvador William Debudey Jr. was shot and died.

Criminal History Of Wesley Brownlee

The killings’ reason for occurring is still a mystery. No one who was a victim was robbed. Brownlee has a criminal background that includes traffic infractions and drug-related convictions that go back to a 15-year-old arrest. Investigators from Stockton, San Joaquin, and subsequently federal agencies spent months trying to identify the mysterious person seen solely on security film before getting a significant break in October when ballistics testing linked a single weapon to the murders.

More information was provided by locals who had seen the man eventually identified as Brownlee on security camera footage. Brownlee was apprehended in October after a traffic check close to Stockton’s Panella Park, not far from the house where he formerly resided, and a short distance from five of the six shootings in Stockton. Brownlee will be arraigned once more in San Joaquin Superior Court on January 3.


1. What is the age of Wesley Brownlee?

Ans. 43 years old

2. How many people died because of Wesley Brownlee?

Ans. 7

3. What is the weapon Wesley Brownlee used?

Ans. Gun

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