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Wesley Kibet Dies, Obituary, Cause of Death, Latest News

Wesley Kibet Dies, Obituary, Cause of Death, Latest News
Wesley Kibet Dies, Obituary, Cause of Death, Latest News

Wesley Kibet, Nandi Hills parliamentary aspirant, died after getting into an accident

Wesley Kibet Kogo, a congressional candidate from Nandi Hills, passed away after being involved in a car collision in Kangemi, Nairobi, on Thursday. Wesley Kogo died barely a week before the UDA elections, which are set to take place on Thursday next week. According to authorities, he was riding in a matatu bound towards Nairobi when it collided with a minibus. With his unexpected passing in a gruesome traffic collision in Kangemi, Nairobi, the relatives and followers of Nandi Hills MP aspirant Wesley Kogo were driven into grief. 

Weslry Kogo, a young candidate contesting for the UDA party’s Nandi Hills seat in parliament, was apparently on his way to a discussion event on KASS FM when the collision happened at around 5.30 a.m. The accident is being investigated, according to Nairobi traffic enforcement chief Joshua Omukata. “At the time, he was the only one who died.  We had no idea he was the candidate,” Omukata explained. UDA representatives have stated that they want to request a delay of the nomination process in wake of this terrible news. The deadline for nominations is April 14th. 

Wesley Kogo was a youthful politician and a charismatic figure who was born in a tea-producing region of Nandi Hills. He was regarded as a person of passion. He astounded the residents of Nandi Hills in September of the prior year when he invited the community to make donations for his campaign to replace existing MP Alfred Keter. He garnered a lot of public support and was able to fund up to 1.6 million dollars for his candidacy. Wesley Kogo was born and schooled in Kipchamo village to a poor family. He had grown up in the midst of a severe financial crisis even when he was a kid. However, he was regarded as a neighbourhood son, and residents collected funds to help him complete his schooling. 

He was optimistic about his chances of winning the next General Election and representing Nandi Hills in the National Assembly. Wesley Kogo was a devout Christian. He credited his accomplishment to Lord, and in many of his writings, he would mention his name. He was also a firm believer in maintaining excellent relationships. His corpse has reportedly been transported to the City Mortuary. He had his entire life ahead of him, yet he was taken much too soon! May his spirit, like the great man he was, rest in everlasting peace.

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