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Westlake Girls High Schools’ former principal Alison Gernhoefer died; know the Cause of Death

Westlake Girls High Schools' former principal Alison Gernhoefer died; know the Cause of Death
Westlake Girls High Schools' former principal Alison Gernhoefer died; know the Cause of Death

Westlake Girls High Schools’ entire authority is disheartened and heartbroken after learning about the disturbing death news of Alison Gernhoefer school’s former Principal. However, the school authority has completed its duties by announcing and confirming the unexpected demise of its former Principal, Gernhoefer. 

Know how long Alison is on their post of principle- 

In 1982 she was appointed as the Principal, and she served in the post until 2011. Her incredible service and hardworking towards his work for 30 years made her one of the best principles, which served for the longest on this post. All school authority is sending their condolence to the family members of Alison Gernhoefer. You can get more information about Alison Gernhoefer and other personal details.

Who all have poured tributes for her-

Faculty and all of them passed out, and current students who are close to her in the school are poring tributes to the humble soul of Alison. Authorities also appreciated her service period as a principal and mentioned remarkable achievements obtained by the school under her inspiring guidelines for the students. Unfortunately, the authority has not mentioned the exact date of his demise and has not been confirmed by the school authority. The prominent death reasons for Alison are still being reviewed. There is no information available for her funeral either.

Due to the void of the information, netizens are coming up with multiple theories. The Former Principal was suffering from a profound disease, as some claim, whereas others say that he had suffered a fatal heart attack. Although there is, any of the official sources have claimed no information. No, family members have not made any statement regarding the cause of the prominent death of the former Principal as Alison Gernhoefer was not a public figure, so including her age, death cause, and family background, no other information is available. 

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