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What Caused Larry James’ Death? Learn Every Detail About The Veteran KGBT Weatherman

Larry James Die

Larry James Eunice, a former weatherman for Valley Central, tragically passed away on November 17, 2022, at the age of 85. The television channel confirmed the breaking news on their website.

Larry James, Who?

In 1937, Larry James was born in Louisiana, in the United States. He was a former weatherman who worked for the station when it was first known as KGBT. He spent decades predicting the weather in the Rio Grande Valley before relocating to South Texas in the late 1960s. He was the kind of person who, despite his own weakness, was always there for others and encouraged them to stay upbeat.

Larry James: What Has Been Happening?

We regret to inform you that longtime weatherman Larry James Eunice passed away. At the time of his passing, Larry was in his 90s. At the age of 85, he passed away at home on November 17, 2022. At the time of his passing, Larry James was surrounded by his cherished family members.

What Caused The Death Of Larry James?

Larry James Eunice reportedly passed away peacefully. But as of the time this story was published, nobody had offered any affirmative statements regarding the precise reason for his passing. His cause of death will shortly be made public, and at this moment, there is no information available on his last rites.

Larry James Memorial Tributes

He has received tributes on many social media sites. Many of his coworkers express their shock about his passing on Twitter using their user names.

Former sports director Lance Edwards Brown: “RIP, Larry was the epitome of professionalism. Particularly when hurricanes passed through, unshakeable and the rock for KGBT.

He was a fantastic mentor to both me and a lot of other people, according to Craig Verley, director of public relations and marketing at CISD. He actually plays a big role in how he tends to be today whenever he has to give an interview on the air. Several aspects of his persona and work closely relate to Larry.

He grew up watching Larry James on Channel 4, according to Patricia Guillermo (sports reporter). With his extensive understanding of weather patterns, he helped so many families get through difficult times. Throughout hurricane season, he was the forecaster of choice in the Valley.


1. Who was Larry James?

A. He was an American Lieutenant General

2. What was his nationality?

A. United States

3. What was the profession of Larry James?

A. Former senior officer in the United States Air Force

4. What was his age?

A. 85 years old

5. What was his real name?

A. George Larry James

6. What was his height ?

A. 1. 81m

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